Sandisk Sansa m250 2GB MP3 Player


ugh lame

Wow. This is ugly.

Hrm… I know someone that collects these.

This thing don’t look like my sansas.

How big is this thing?

These are great little players, I’m holding out for the 4gb version though.


well… its better than paying for an iPod clip. Just use normal MP3/WMA and your good.

If I had a dollar for every cheap Sansa I bought, I could pay the shipping on this…

“No FM-tuner is available in Europe” does woot even sell there?

Will this record stuff off FM stations?

not very big. the skinny part is the size of two double AA batteries side by side IIRC

it looks small next to the cables, and stuff…

I’m gonna guess 5. 5 cheap sansas.

Oh, homeskillet, I wish I wasn’t so tired…I could make a good joke there.

Not that I know of, but I do know some wooters that go on vacation there…

I bought one of these about a year and a half ago. It’s my “take it anywhere, throwaway” player, and usually lies at the bottom of my pocket. In other words, it has taken a lot of abuse and still works. Nice sound, too.


But just in case you want to send one to a friend over seas


this baby is almost as big as my first Walkman!