Sandisk Sansa View 16GB Media Player

1 Sandisk Sansa View 16GB Media Player
$59.99 + $5 shipping

condition: recertified

products: 1 Sandisk Sansa View 16GB Media Player with FM tuner
1 FedEx 2 Day Express Shipping

Pricing for future reference

I’ve bought Sandisk stuff (refurbs) from w00t before and they’vr all died on me.
This may seemlike a good deal, but save your money for something better.

Is it compatible with a Timex Clock Radio for Sansa e200 & c200 Series? Why do I have the feeling the answer is “no”?

view can rockbox writable?

Huh, really? I’ve purchased two so far, and they’ve performed flawlessly. I bring my little e250 every day to work and change out songs on microSD cards…I’m really happy with mine. My mom uses the e280 and she likes it so far. I have no experience with the View, but as far as Sansa goes, I’m pretty happy. shrug

Still, I have a lot of cases for the e2xx series, and I don’t know if I really need this model. Then again, I DID just have a birthday a couple days ago…hmm. I’ll think it over.

Mine didn't die, but the capacity was about 2/3 of what it should be (these were old Sansa 1GBs). I've promised myself not to buy any more Woot Reefuurbs, because they have almost ALL had serious defects, but I'm still thinking this over, because it's exactly what I need to replace my dying iRiver...

Well, I’ve bought 6 of the 4GB Sansa e200 series, and all are working great, some with rockbox, some without.

I don’t believe that these will take rockbox, and I like the quality of the e200 series better, but for a 16GB mp3 player I think that’s a pretty good price.

Hmmm. 90 out of a possible 100 points on Alatest. Well done.,2/

Well, one possibility is the “for e200 & c200 Series” part, heh.

Keep in mind, today’s item is actually recertified, not refurbished.

Got 2 before. 1 was dead for me on the arrival which was exchanged under 90 day warranty, other one are still ok after about 10mo of use, they are used by 2 boys sho are under 10yo. Those were 4gb Sansas for $45 each. I think this is a good deal for 16gb. Might even get one at this price.

I think sansas have issues to begin with, I just got one of new Fuze 8gb, it was not working properly when opened, returned it back to amazon as they were out for a replacement. But I’m not ready to pay $180 for 16gb nano.

After the clip sansa’s quality went up quite significantly (audio quality too) so i would be fairly well assured this was good.
my e250 and clip have been great along with my m240, the c250 has a borked headphone jack, but overall id say sandisc is pretty reliable.

I’ve bought 7 sansas from woot, mostly gifts.
Only one stopped charging after about a year. 'Twas my young nephew’s sansa, maybe he was rough with it, dunno.

To replace it with a dying Sansa??

2 Day Shipping? Does that include the 5 + days processing? I am being serious, Still waiting for items purchased from not this past woot-oof, But the one before.

Wait or does it mean they will ship the item 12.16.08 ?

I just checked, there’s currently no build for the View. Despite that, I’m still very tempted.

I really really want to buy this… but I already got a Fuze with 16gb (8gb + 8gb sdhc)…
I am conflicted.

I got one (e260) in a BOC. It was DOA, I opened it up, pushed the memory chip back into it’s socket and it’s been perfect ever since (about a year [my one and only BOC :frowning: ])
Only problem is I got a fingerprint on the inside of the screen cover and I’ve just been too lazy to open it up again to wipe it off.

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? This is the least money I’d spend for this much capacity and video capability, but it is refur, er, “recertified.” The Squaretrade warranty makes it more appealing, but I want no hassle, not just a long warranty…