Sandisk Sansa View 8GB Media Player with FM Tuner

Looks like woot messed up.
That is a sansa e200 series mp3 player
you’re looking for this:

(except 8gb and not 32)

Thats the first thing that I noticed too.

I have an e280 and my brother has a View. He actually thinks that mine is better.

The e280 has a smaller form factor and it seems to be quicker to scroll through songs when you need to pick one out.

How’s the radio reception? Does it have a digital tuner or just a scan mode?

My daughter and I both have the 4GB refurb (I think they’re 260s). I really like it but I’ve never had an MP3 player before. I just load it as a disk hooked up to my USB port. I have had a couple times when it froze up for a bit. It seemed like I disconnected it from my PC too quick. Although I can’t find a reset button it always recovered. I can’t find any battery access compartment. Also, ours have a 2GB limit on the card. Its not been a problem yet.

The description says it supports MicroSDHC.

No, it won’t. I have the View and I have an armband for my E series. Not interchangable.

no iPod compatibility = no buy. for sure.

Click on the wrong picture and it shows the correct player. I think they just wanted to show the speakers that are apparently available on Sellout.Woot.

Wish woot would sell some 8gb Sansa Clips. ; ;

Can’t be Rockboxed, pass.

I think everyone trying to get Rockbox to work has given up on this one.

so the headphone color matches the mp3 player right?

I have a recert 16 gb View and I love it. It’s worked great for a couple of years now. It has some little blips every once in a while but no more-so than any other MP3. I even have movies and everything on it and the picture is great.

I have the 4 gig and the reception is ok, but not great. We don’t have real great radio where I live anyway, but I do find myself hanging the earbud cord off of things to get better reception. There is a tuner and it allows you to save stations.

Wierd… looks like Woot wants to sell the speakers more. The picture on is the same as the one on the Sellout.Woot site, just different things are greyed-out.

I have had one for over a year and a half, works great still

I also use my recert one regularly (i have the worlds most boring job and I can’t use the internet or do anything but stare at a screen while doing it.) I play mp3’s the entire time I am at the job and a charge will last about 10 hours on my 4 gig re-certified (got in a bag of crap) playing mp3s at a moderate volume.

Pretty much. I wish you could still get those refurb c200s. put in a SDHC card and you would be -set-

I can’t wait until RockBox (or similar) comes to fuze and woot starts selling them refurbished. I’ll rejoyce and buy several.

As it is, I’m still sad I sold my c200 (4gb) to my brother…

In any case The sansa view is pretty good for non hackers (a word which here means ‘people who legally get the most from their hardware’) and normal-types. the expansion slot is a huge plus, as it’s readily expandable.

I also can’t wait for the COWON D2 port of rockbox to be completed.

Forgot to add that my battery life is about 8 hours with just playing music, podcasts. Not too shabby.

You poor thing. If you wait long enough the Sansa E280 will likely come back on Woot and you can get a REAL music/video player that has FM radio and records audio as well. Or you can stay with your overpriced Ipod, pay for DRM music and video and brag about your Ipod just like my 14 year old niece.

Just out of curiousity, anyone know what resolution the video player displays at? I like to use CloneDVD Mobile to rip my DVDs to my mobile player and if this is capabile of higher resolution, I might be in…