SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC (2 Pack)

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC (2 Pack)

Random FYI.

These aren’t approved for security cameras/nanny cams/etc that write all the time to the card, according to Sandisk Q&A. In fact, inserting them into a such a camera voids the warranty. One of mine died after a year or so in one of these cameras an this was their response. There are now cards designed specifically for that application.

These would be good for a tablet or phone probably.


It took quite a while, because Woot insists on connecting Amazon accounts to my alt account when I logout right after connecting the account to this account. (In other words, the initial connection will link the Amazon account to this account, but when I login s couple of minutes late, the same Amazon login will log me into my other account.)

Anyways, I finally managed to purchase this using Prime (and a cashback site), and it only cost me $1.07 thanks to my HH coupon.

Not sure what I’ll do with these though.


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Solid for Nintendo Switch owners too!

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Shoot, I should have read this before purchasing. Oh well, for the price it’s worth seeing how long they last.

I received my tracking information from FedEx, and apparently these little guys top the scales at a whopping 2 Pounds! :scream:

Are they possibly MacroSD cards?


FedEx Ground
2 lbs / 0.91 kgs

For further reading:

Mine were put on a FedEx truck this morning for delivery, and in small print it says that they will be delivered the next business day.

Woot sent me a return label for a 50 lb item. It said 3 lbs.

It says on the package that “this item is not intended for sale in the USA. If purchased in the US ., this product is purchased as-is. No warranty, express or implied is provided in the US.”

So why was this offered for sale to me, Woot?

I just received my “2 pound” envelope of microSD cards and came here to comment about the USA notice. When I read the notice, I immediately remembered the last line of the description:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

it struck me as odd when I first read it, and I figured it was just sloppy copywriting. Now it makes sense.

This is a grey market item that’s not meant for the US They can’t prohibit its sale in the US, but they don’t have to warranty it in the US.

It’s likely the same as the one sold in the US, but somehow cheaper. Works for me as I’ve never placed an SD warranty claim even though I’ve lost several of them.

This also makes sense with the shipper being Electro USA.


Who we are: Since its establishment in 2004, Miami based Electro USA has been serving customers with export, import and supply chain solutions for Mexico, other and other Latin America countries.

What we do: We are international high-end trader of consumer electronics and small appliances. Electro USA focuses on trading in South cone of Latin America: Brazil. Argentina and Chile.

So this is likely something destined for Central or South America that sold on Woot for cheap. If it dies in the first 90 days, Woot’ll replace it. Sandisk won’t.