SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 32GB 2-Pack

SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 32GB 2-Pack

Requiring a coupon to make a few extra bucks on chumps who don’t know to use it. All the cool companies do this.

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This is only $1.40 less than on Amazon with true PRIME shipping. No coupon gimmick. No limit.

No need to impulse buy theses.


The equivalent one on the mothership is only 1.40 more with prime shipping, but it’s a third party seller.

The woot one is woot/AZ seller, much less danger of getting a counterfeit card.

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When I go to checkout, I’m not seeing any place to type in the “coupon” before I checkout.


Code 2

Code 3

Code 4



Ok, but why not automatically apply it?

Sometimes there’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) where we can’t go below a certain price. But we can go lower by using a coupon.


I see. Thanks for gaming the system to get us the lowest dealz.


Finally got the coupon link to work after switching from a W/10 laptop to my preferred Linux laptop. This was not my first order and I had a terrible time logging in and getting the order to work. No problem with Linux. Hmmmmmm.

I’ll be curious when I get these. The shipping here says by April 7th. On the mothership, it’s April 28th.

Yeah, we are working with Amazon to get our delivery messaging updated to be in line with their plans. For some reason, it’s not populating to those outside

I get that Amazon is prioritizing shipping essential household items, but there is nothing in stock, so who is buying it? I need my caulk so I can seal the shower. Essential to me.

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I want so badly to make a certain joke right now but I don’t want to have to force TT to ban me so soon after she came back from vacation.



They come into stock. I’ve bought hand sanitizer and toilet paper on amazon over the last 3 days. They sell out faster than a boc.