Sanford & Benedict 1979 Library Cab (2)

Sanford & Benedict 1979 Library Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
$49.99 $110.00 55% off List Price
1979 Sanford & Benedict Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ynez Valley
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Bell pepper? I think I’ll pass.
But this seems a screaming deal for those that don’t mind it.

Looks good and old… May take a stab

35 year old cab for about $30 a bottle shipped. Seems like a no brainer. Was 79’ a good central coast year?


Calling rpm!

Yeah really, with only 120 woots avaible I want to jump on this but I told myself no wine buying for a couple of months. I’ll sleep on it and see if my decision was made for me overnight.

Neat article on the vineyard’s history:

Link to article

Note that in the article they mention that it is actually a cab/merlot blend. They also state (last May) that the 79 is good but past its prime. Not that I expect any less from a 35 year old bottle at this price, but still, just FYI.

All that said, I may pick one up just for the novelty/to try it, as it does seem like a rare opportunity…

$50 a pop here and it looks like that’s where the copy came from as well.

I don’t remember this particular wine, though I remember the '79 Zaca Mesa from the region as very good in its youth - Santa Maria/Santa Barbara was just beginning to be known for reds ion these years. Definitely worth the flyer! I was supposed to 'rat this, but we’re in Scotland and I couldn’t. I highly recommend trying this just for the historical interest and the bragging rights! I had a '79 BV de Latour not that long ago that was drinking very, very well for its age.

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Ozzie leaves/fired from Black Sabbath.

Not a great year for humans, hopefully better for wine :slight_smile:

I had to bite on this. I am no connoisseur but I would love the try this wine for the price. Would you suggesting an aerator or a decanter?

This should make for a lively Sunday, if it lasts that long.

Thanks rpm!

Looks like the tasting notes in that article are for the '79 pinot not the cab being offered in this woot. Any rats available?

Well, nevermind. Already sold out. Sigh! Knew I should have bit as soon as I saw it :frowning:

An hour fifteen.
Longer than I expected.


Good catch, not sure how I missed that. The blend thing is really all that article was good for, I guess.

No worries! Thanks for the article, it was a good read!

:heart: •.¸.•´:heart:…


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Glad I bit! :happy: