Sanford Mechanical Pencil – 4 Pack

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New Sanford Mechanical Pencil - 4 Pack, for $4.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sanford Mechanical Pencil

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oooh pencils… I don’t have those.


Pah. Why can’t they be pens?

wow, now that’s a really special kind of carp right there

WOWOWOWOWOW… worst woot ever?


pencils?! woot are you kidding me?

1 More woot after this and im done for the night, hopefully its something good.

what’s next?

BIC pens?

what type of sharpener can you use for these things?

do not want

Seriously pencils?

Wow a 4 pack! Now I can incur 3 additional stabbings!

pretty. no thanks

pencils??? really? they look nice, but i cant think of the last time i used a pencil.

These I could actually use. However, I’m just going to go to Office Depot and pick up a 10-pack for $1.

PHD pencils are the best mechanical pencils ever! They usually sell for 5 bucks a piece. Good deal!