Sansa Fuze 4GB Media Player

here is the review on cnet:


not bad!

Does sansa fuze mean this one doesn’t have a fuze?

Anyone know if this will play large audiobook files and allow you to bookmark them (like the Sansa clip)?

This description made me die in an eternal fit of laughter (and prompted my first ever forum post).

On a semi-related note, how does it work with Mac? (What in tarnation is MSC mode?)

Just rockbox it.

I sure hope that all of this refurb crap is not being refurbed by Sohnen.They do a very poor job and thanks to them and Woot teaming up,I can never buy refurbed again,I am so sad…:frowning:

I don’t think you can rockbox this model yet.

Can you play movies on this? My kid needs something for his Disney movies!
Hides head in Shame…

How large capacity of a micro SD card can I use with this? Basically, how much higher than 4GB can I expand the memory too?

They have a build for it. Perhaps it’s not fully functional yet?

Found a video review on youtube.

The requirement of WinXP or Vista is BS; that’s only if you’ve been sucked into using the WMP Windoze Music Transfer Protocol. If you set the Fuze to the USB Mass Storage mode, then any OS that handles USB will see it as an external HDD, and the SDHC card will be seen as a 2nd drive. Then you can download any of the playable formats without needing Windoze.

Yes they can, this runs pretty much the same as the clip with added functionality (microsd, video, etc).

I like mine, the video is pretty much a waste though, I know I don’t use it.

The price itself is OK, I got mine new from Dell for $5 more 3 months ago.

4G, + SDHC slot, video, plus 24 hour battery life, dropped off at my door for less than $40?

I’d be in for one if I hadn’t bought the Clip last Woot-off.

I have the 8gb and I believe that you can put up to an 8gb card in it too. I have owned this for a year and enjoy it. I listen to a lot of audio books from audible and it works great.

The only reason to buy a non-ipod MP3 player is for a replaceable, rechargeable, external battery. I have a friend who has gone through 5 name-brand MP3 players due to faulty internal batteries. You can always replace or recharge a AAA battery, folks. Plus they have MP3 players that are 2-4 gigs for about 13-20 dollars that run on AAA’s.

You can still put it in MSC mode by putting the device on hold, plugging it in

If you happen to get a v1, it works OK, v2 there isn’t any port yet.

i just got that 1gig MP3 player from woot like last week…plus these things look like cheap crap.