Sansa Fuze Black 2GB Media Player

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Sansa Fuze Black 2GB Media Player
$22.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa Fuze Black 2GB Media Player

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ehhh okay deal

I can print you more business cards if you need

wasn’t there just a 4g for the same price 2 days ago??

Anyone know how good the FM reception is on this?

bought a 4gb sunday for the same price here.

They just had 4 Gig ones on here the other day! for the same price!

Still, these are pretty awesome players.

I have three of them and they all work amazingly well. I also bought all three from Woot!

They’re refurbished because 2Gb has gone bad…

Silly question time…
Will this play files in the iTunes format, or will I have to convert them?

Thank you!

I’ve purchased 3 different Sansa’s because of the great prices. None of them lasted a year.

FM reception on mine is great for most channels. Obviously some of the weaker ones wont come through but overall, I’m happy.


I snagged 4gb fuzes this past weekend - thanks all the same woot, but I’ll pass :smiley:

Yep. Bought 3.

I have one of these.

I use it every day. It’s clipped to my belt right now, even. It’s a great little player, easy “drag and drop” for adding music. The battery lasts a long time, too. You won’t realize how small it is until you get it in your hands.

I don’t think I have any negative to say about it. At this price, just buy one.

was hoping it’d be another clip…but all of those appeared before I dragged my ass outta bed! Sadness…

FM reception is pretty decent - about what youd expect from an average stand-alone radio. i.e. I can get reception in my house, but very few stations come in when Im at my desk, which is in the basement of a big cement-block building

That’s odd. I’ve bought quite a few now and have yet to have an issue.

This one seems over-priced though.

Same here, got the 4gb one for the exact same price.