Sansa Fuze Black 2GB Media Player

this has been around the same price for the past 2-3 years. I know this because I bought one for around this price in that time period. LOL.


so small…

Once again…you win Mr. Woot…gnite!

Least the third time this has gone up today. I’m kinda suprised they haven’t started to sell their used coffee cups or something.

Hopefully there are not a lot of these.

and then there were three

I hope sansa goes under.

got one of these in the past, the battery surprisingly lasts for a long time. nice little mp3 player

Well 2GB isn’t THAT small! <— that’s what SHE said!

haha 3

great little mp3 player. i’d buy it again if it weren’t 2gb.

And it can’t
it won’t
it don’t stop.

I was told I could not sleep til i procured woot monkeys

going to fast to comment!

Can I use this to back up my Hitachi SuperDuper 2TB Turbo Drive?

Agreed. I bought the 4gb version from Woot for $25