SANSI LED 15W Plant Grow Light

SANSI LED 15W Plant Grow Light

Is this a full spectrum light or not? The text says that it is, but the photos seem to imply that it is red and blue only. I’d rather not have my living room look like a rave.

If it’s a plant grow light, you don’t really want full spectrum…
5700K - 7200K is a decent range for plant growth, beyond that the plants don’t use it. As far as I understand it, anyway.

This was the rule of thumb I always used for plant growing bulbs.

More info, read the reviews…

What are you growing in your living room? Hmmmm?

Per the features:

Full Spectrum — Compared with other grow lights, each SANSI LED chip mixes all wavelengths. All wavelengths of light can be fully absorbed by plant photosynthesis without any waste like fluorescent. Blue-Ray (400-499nm) is good for taller and healthy leaf. Red-Ray (600-699nm) is good for blooming and fruits.

Right now pole beans, mainly as a joke. In a month or two, I plan on getting a head start on my garden planting. I also have some orchids, and while the red blue bulbs are a lot more efficient, the flowers look terrible under those things and I’d much rather take the efficiency hit if it means I can enjoy the blooms.

I have a bunch of leftover LED and Halogen lights leftover after I got out of the fish tank hobby. They were all purchased for grow plants in the fish tanks. I plan to do the same, get a good start on next year. In the late winter, I plan to grow a bunch of seedling. But I am thinking of starting some fruit trees and plants here very soon.