SANSI LED Motion Sensing Security Lights

SANSI LED Motion Sensing Security Lights

I’ve had the white 36w 4 across for about 16 months now. Easy to install, very bright and sensitive to motion. Unfortunately, two leds on one side have gone out. I believe I paid around $60.

That seems to be the problem with LED’s. Though it only degrades the light a bit, you at least have some LED “bulbs” that will still fire up. I’ve had this kind of problem on LED lights I installed on my jeep. When it comes to your house, it is frustrating to install a nice LED fixture then a year later, you notice half the lights don’t work and it’s not like you can unplug a bulb and replace it, you have to replace the WHOLE thing.

Finally some LED security lights that’s not battery operated. I’m in for one :w_happy2:

LEDs bulbs are supposed to last 1000s of hours. I have 3 different light figxtures in my chateau and as of now i cant see any LED bulbs dead. I have to admit i thought the light fixture would fail as opposed to individual LEDs. Yes you would have to replace the whole fixture. There is no way to replace LEDs bulbs. But the saving in electicity cost is HUGE
love that LED stuff

Anybody know how many lumens?

Super Bright: The 30W model is rated at 3,000 lumens and the 36W model is rated at 3,600 lumens, providing efficient lighting for your exterior living environment.