Sansui 19” 720p LCD HDTV



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I can’t find a realistic current price for this TV (Walmart: $99.00 new, but unavailable; amazon: $180 new including shipping, from $85 used including shipping. I find the lack of information available on hte interwebz about this TV to be suspicious… Anyone know anything about it?


I’ve got this exact TV. Purchased from Wal-Mart for $99 NEW. Works great… for master bath TV.


Last entry for me: 1 worthwhile review at Ebay

22 reviews at Walmart:

Product manual:

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Sansui 19” 720p LCD HDTV

It was ten dollars more on 6/4 here. It was a good deal then and a better deal now.

Like others I purchased this TV from Walmart about 3 years ago as a black Friday special for $100. It still works fine but there are a few things you should know about it.

My major complaint is the viewing angle. If you’re not directly in front of it on both a vertical and a horizontal plane, the picture looks very dark. I had to prop mine up about an inch to change the viewing angle (it is on my dresser and I watch it from bed).

I guess this model is the upgraded version with HDMI so it is probably a little better than the one from Walmart. Mine does have VGA so I have used it with my laptop. To answer a question above, the text is pretty clear.

For the small complaints, the sound is mediocre as with most flatscreens, the controller is somewhat cheap and small, and you can see a white line along the top of the screen from the LCD. None of these are a big deal.

If you need a cheap TV for a guest room or kitchen or something, this is a decent set. I replaced mine 2 months ago with a 32" LCD but my wife was perfectly content with this model for years.


Do folks think this tv would give good service as a computer monitor?


I can’t comment on the tv but whatever is in that dish doesn’t look very appetizing.


Update: Mea Culpa! WOOT is great to work with it’s customers! Do not listen to that soft-skulled curmudgeon below. The only burning he got was from his own brain overheating.

I’d love to take a chance on this to use a video game system monitor.
But after being burned on a defective out of the box projector, and WOOT not even answering emails about a return (yes I used the correct address). I don’t dare take the chance of getting another $80 paperweight. Do you?


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YES. I got one from Wally World a year or 2 back on Black Friday for around $90? I am using it right now as my computer monitor (and to watch cable TV when the computer is busy doing something). The computer resolution is 1280*720 60Hz and I have gotten HD cable resolution up to 1080i on the TV. I went and got 2 of them from Wally World (figuring I could always take it back if unsatisfied) So yes it makes (at least to me) a good PC monitor.



thanks, you guys!


Got this when a couple of weeks ago from sellout…

Put it in the camper, good little TV for for that. Get the number of over the air channels, and HD that I would expect.


argh… Now my parents are mad I didn’t order one for them… Can’t win…


My two arrived today… Just got one hooked up in the kitchen, and the picture is fabulous, decent sound also. I just have it picking up OTA digital off a set of rabbit ears, will probably hook it up to cable soon.

One of the best woots ever!


Received mine quickly but the digital tv tuner seems messed up on mine. It’s not picking up channels my other digital tv picks up using the same cable. Anyone else having this issue?


Got mine yesterday and hooked it up. Nice picture but constant hum in the background no matter what it’s connected to. How do I make it go away? How does the warranty work?


Have you had any luck getting this problem resolved? Mine has just developed a similar problem, a constant shrill sound in the background. Writing to woot service to get the problem recorded’for warranty purposes.