Santa Barbara Soups- 6 Pack Variety

Santa Barbara Soups- 6 Pack Variety

45$ for soup ingredients LOL! A fool and his money are soon parted.


I’ve had a variety of these soup mixes and some work and some don’t. It’s not a bad deal for the cooking impaired at <$10 each (not taking into account the pudding). True you can do these a LOT cheaper yourself, but for someone who just wants and easy to make meal, it’s a decent deal. Certainly cheaper than eating out. Advice, find a recipe you like, make your own kits like this.

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I agree with your premise, but I did purchase these because they will solve a situation for me. My kid is having all four wisdom teeth pulled today and I cannot be there to take care of her. Her partner will do so over the weekend, and these will make it super easy for him to just add water and cook, fast, simple, and she has healthy, vegetarian, good food that won’t hurt her mouth.

But yeah, if not for this stupid pandemic, I would be the one making her food etc, and would have no need for something like this.