Santa Fe Fajitas and More Buffet Griller

the useful linkage to all comparison site links… sorry i missed yesterday’s… but i’m sure hardly anyone noticed… anyways… enjoy.

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Santa Fe Fajitas & More Buffet Griller
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Santa Fe Fajitas & More Buffet WG2SFR

Need this for my dorm!

Absolute garbage. Bought it in a Woot Off and threw it away.

gross. don’t be “that guy” who makes the whole building smell like walmart meat seasoned with teryaki sauce. it was a long time ago, but i remember that guy, and i hated that guy.

much cheaper on eBay

or the guy who sets off the damned smoke detector at 3AM because he had a craving for something and then forgot to turn it off when he went to take a crap.

Someone said it was absolute garbage.
Can you elucidate?


MMMMM, Fajitas. I wish I could have had a chance to buy one to go with my Lemonader.

How was I not the first wooter to woot?! Had to have been second, it was like 5 seconds and my order was in :slight_smile:

That’s better.
Hey Rival makes a tabletop electric smoker.

See if woot can make it fly and scream like a monkey

OK, now that it is for sale, I can say I would rather use my Barbecue to cook my fajitas.

what’s with the side deal? the deal is i’ll take it!

Fuck! I was going to buy 3 and now I don’t want to anymore cuz its actually available.

Ah, the euphoria derived from wanting something you can’t have.

Anyone have any experience with this product they’d care to share?

What, so do you plug it in, put over your stove?

Bought this as a family gift 18 months ago on Woot. The Fajita Fanatic in the family gives it high marks ! Recommended. (And this seems to be a good price–less than half of what Amazon seeks for it.)

these types of kitchen “appliances” have to be some of the biggest wastes of money out there — fajita grillers, quesadilla makers, sno-cone makers, Ron Popeil’s Rotato…you name it… all of these niche appliances should have been left in the appliance graveyard.

It’s a deal I drank it over. In for 3. Compared to those forman grills this will not dry out my chicken. BUT A toaster will.