Santana Hat Collection – Supernatural

oof, really reaching here on this woot.

Seriously? They still have these ugly hats leftover from last woot-off??


You guys can just rebreak the servers now. :frowning:

and the woot-off reaches a new low

don’t care about the hat, just glad SOMETHING new came up!

a six hour wait for this?!?!?

So this is what it has come to?

Maybe they are fireproof.


YES, A NEW PRODUCT!!! I’ll get 3 of these, one for each of my family members.

Wow, what a slow-moving woot-off. This is only the 8th item since midnight CDT? That’s crazy!

That hat has breastiges on it.

I liked it better when the recorder was stuck on here - this hat makes me want to throw up.

At first I was like yay new item :slight_smile:

Then I saw the item that only a desperate Ed Hardy reject would wear and I was like :frowning:

I am so happy, I just might buy this hat!

Okay, not that happy.

I’m afraid that when they finally sell out of the Supernatural Hat we will see the rest of the “collection”.

And so it begins, again!

Yea!! It’s moving. Wait, after 5 hours this is the best you have Woot?