Santana Hat Collection – Supernatural

All that waiting…for…hat

wow. going back to work now.

My cat just vomited and it looks a lot like this.

This makes it official. I’m cancelling my account and never checking this site again. I haven’t seen anything worth anything on here in so long, and then this hat comes up. Really? Goodbye wooters.

bleach fire? is that the name of your band sir?

I do not have enough acid to make this hat look good on me.

Dang it, never did get the sanyo recorder order to go through :frowning: Screw this; I’m going back to sleep.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

I don’t know what is worse…this hat collection or Ed Hardy hats.

Shall I barf now or later?

That would be a good name for a band.

This is seriously the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Wow.

Can’t believe Santana would put his name on that hat. Maybe it’s actually Satan. My prediction is unless they have three of these hats, the next woot-off item will show up around 10AM.

Woot-off[s] : RIP

Look what the storms blew in!!!
The Santana hat.

WOW! Only a remote and a recorder since I went to bed. This is a slow moving Wootoff.

Ha! The write-up is too perfect. I do enjoy it when even Woot knows they’re pushing a crappy-looking product.

We have a ways to go before this woot-off sinks to the depths of the last woot-off…that was bad.

I take it back… put the Sanyo Digital Recorder back up. I apologize for all the people that offended you in the forums Woot overlords. This punishment is too much. I will stare at the Sanyo recorder for several more hours, just please, take the evil hat away.

Unless they have a VERY small number of these VERY ugly hats … this could take even longer than the Sanyo voice recorders took to sell out!

i honestly don’t know anybody that could pull off wearing this monstrosity