Santana Hat Collection – Supernatural



This is the WORST POS I’ve ever seen on a woot off. I hate the term “jump the shark” but woot just did. I wish I could un-see something. Douche chills, embarassing, I’m horrified that anyone would ever buy one.

Wow, no first suckers yet. I was kinda waiting to express how no one who wears boob hats in public are creepy (albeit artistic breastiges).

really woot?? really???

I know! Ain’t it great!

Welcome back everyone. Again, apologies for the inconvenience!

Just in case you feel like looking like the biggest idiot in the world… Way to kill the woot-off already.

Here’s a woot-off killer!

Don’t wear this hat around people who are doing hallucinogens.

They may try to kill it with Fire.

This is one slow woot-off… usually by the time i get to work, there are a page and a half(or more) worth of items on the community page. This one isn’t even at half a page yet. Guess not having a BOC last time was… a bad idea, to say the least.

I had lunch with this hat once. Its just as obnoxious in person.


Worst. Woot. Ever. (and that’s saying something)

We may finally have found the item that will cause Woot! to invoke the 12 hour maximum time limit for a woot-off item.

Check back around 8:30 tonight folks. Maybe you can snag that robot vacuum then.

I clicked on the “I want one” just in case it is secretly a bag of crap but no, it still just says the baseball cap…

Wow. What a woot-block. A Santana hat? Really!?! I’ll check back in a few hours to see if they’re gone!

Ah, good. I can go to work confident that my work day won’t be interrupted by new woot-off items.

OK TT, did you trip over that BIG power cord? :wink:

10 total 3 down. how long has this been up? I’ve been at work.

Good morning TT! I hope you slept well throughout the storms. They should be hitting here any minute now, the radar looks wretched.

This is where the “Woot By State” feature comes in handy. Apparently only people in West Virginia and Alabama are interested.

West Virginia loves ugly hats.