Sanyo 26” LCD HDTV

I have a very similar TV.

But you can get this for $296 New from Wal-Mart.

is this woot selling out to the new movie iron man 2

More info here!

cnet review.

Mr Incredible looks like he’s been at Taco Bell again.

looks like stark is a bit hevy on the booze


I had a Sanyo TV once. It was alright, but then the buttons on the front of it shorted out and it wasn’t alright anymore.


Nao nao nao nao nao
nanananana neow nao nao

Every time I see a Sanyo product I’m reminded of this electronics store in New York I wnet to once…

They guy kept saying It’s Sanyo…but its Sony guts. As if that made the product better somehow…so now when I see Sanyo products I giggle a bit…

I think I’ve read that fanfic somewhere.

Great, it’s another TV! Woot is nothing if it’s not diverse.

251 reviews at Google Products

the incredibles in a screen test versus iron man? yeah, i could watch that.

Can I use this as a Giant CPU monitor?

No way!!!This is NOT a good deal.

I own this TV. The picture quality is actually very nice, imo. Better than you might expect from an off brand.

Before someone complains about it only being 720p, I post the obligatory link to the viewing distance vs resolution infographic:

With a screen this small, you’d only notice a benefit of going to 1080p if you are less than 4-5 feet away from the TV - which means you’re basically treating it like a computer monitor, which this is not.

Mediocre set at a mediocre price…