Sanyo 32" 720p LCD HDTV

Dear woot,

Nice job on the 1920x1080 I7 laptop for $500- post a great deal…see how fast it sold out. This refurbed Sanyo is not much of an encore.

Blah…went to church, then came home to finally enjoy buying something on Woot…and then the laptop is sold out. Guess I will wait until next year to buy something.

Where did the laptop go? I want one! This isn’t a woot off, is it? Why is there a new item?

So I bought one of those $500 laptops this morning and looked up the Woot facebook page. It’s nothing but people giving horror stories about dealing with Woot! I’m suddenly terrified…someone talk me down off the ledge. I’ll get my laptop right?

I have never had a problem with woot-…with the exception of me being critical of some of the things they sell. Today’s laptop was a very nice deal for the money. If the laptop is damaged or not working they will exchange/credit you for it. They will not take it back for buyers remorse- so basically you need to make sure the item you want to purchase is what you want. You can’t get it and then say- I don’t like the feel of this keyboard, or I don’t like windows 8…and expect them to take it back- because they won’t. That is what these forums are for, so that people can ask questions about the product they are purchasing- so they can become educated about the product. Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware). I almost bought today’s laptop and I have absolutely no need at all for another laptop/computer/tablet in my household- but the deal was sweet. I think you’ll be very happy with this purchase, and if it is defective, you need not worry about woot helping you out if it’s within the warranty period.

I had purchased an $1100 treadmill from woot. When it arrived, the box was all torn-up, so I refused delivery. Within 4 days I had another one delivered with no problems from woot.


:wink: As of now, 100% of the posts for this Sanyo TV are about the sweet deal on the sold out laptop!

Dear Woot,

Please take the laptop sell out as confirmation that you priced the laptop well and built your reputation for good deals. Not that you need to raise prices and have folks posting links to better deals just so the clock times out the Woot rather than your inventory! :wink:

Since we’re repeating posts across deals…

@arthuraardvark, doesn’t get you anywhere to stress about it now. Remember the folks with problems speak out loudly - folks who are simply content are quiet.

Also, we have no way of knowing the full story of the folks who complain - only hearing one side. Doesn’t mean their complaints are not valid, just potentially exceptions.

I had bad experience with Woot. Recently ordered LED smart tv, but received non smart tv from them. response from them is very low. anyways i am filing a case on them for my waste of time and money. I asked them to send me the correct and then take old one they said no. inorder to exchange the one, it would take a month. I am in contact with lawyer,had to cost each of minute wasted on this

Here’s the reviews from amazon.
There are only two reviews: one 5 star, and the other 1 star. Did they only make a couple dozen of these?!?
If anyone has one, I’d love some input.

Send Woot my contact info and I will buy your laptop…that will help solve your buyers remorse :slight_smile: Looks like a great deal…just wish I would have pulled the trigger before they were gone.

For the simple sake of clarity before I pull the trigger on this, does this come with a stand?

edit: I haz teh dumb. It’s pictured with a stand.

I actually don’t have buyers remorse, I just worried about getting an undamaged/correct item from all the complaints I read on their FB page. The knowledgeable people on these forums seem to have had good dealings with Woot so I’m somewhat reassured now. I can’t wait to get my laptop and am happy I gave in to an impulse now.

I found the correct forum after posting here. Thanks for the reassurance…on both posts. I guess I just saw all the malcontents’ points of view.

how you get the protection plan?

Wow, this dinosaur uses 93 watts. If it used LED backlighting, the TV would use about half of that. Plus, it would be less prone to breakage. BUT… this is a great price for a no frills 32" TV from a mostly reputable company.

$165 for a refurb 32" tv is far from a “great price”.
Here is a better NEW TV with full warranty for only $35 more.

BuyDig offers the Toshiba 32" 120Hz 720p LED-Backlit LCD HD Television, model no. 32L2300U, for $264. Coupon code “EMEDU35” cuts it to $229 or buy it from BuyDigs Ebay listing (310744727152) for only $199. With free shipping, that’s the best price we’ve seen for a 32" 120Hz Toshiba HDTV and the lowest total price we could find by $33, outside the price below. It features a native resolution of 1366x768 (720p), 120Hz refresh rate, LED backlight, USB, and three HDMI inputs

sound is terrible would not buy

Er, the eBay listing you gave expired on Sept 13th, so that $199 price is invalid. And guess what, Toshiba model 32L2300Udoesn’t even exist on BuyDig’s site! Sorry, expired and bogus deals are no bargain to someone actually shopping for a TV. They’re actually a frustrating tease that you shouldn’t have posted.

Note that I said “great price.” I did not say,“best price.” And since when does comparing this to an extreme bargain (like that Toshiba) negate this as a great price? Just because you found an arguably better deal doesn’t mean that this isn’t also a great deal. Have you compared this Woot to all the 32" HDTVs out there? I doubt it. I shopped for one last month as a gift and I can say that this is a great deal.

As for the specs, if I merely want a TV for the laundry room to watch for a few hours each week, do I really care about 3 HDMI inputs, LED backlighting or refresh rates? I’d probably go for this because it’s cheaper, albeit with lesser specs.

I repeat: This is a great price on a no-frills 32" HDTV.

Go to the Woot page and then to where it says FEATURES, SPECS, SALES STATS, etc. Right below, you should see a Square Trade logo telling you how much an extended warraty is. Click on that to find out more.