Sanyo 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

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Does it come with the stand?

This would make a seriously luxurious computer monitor. Is the refresh fast enough for gaming?

Refresh rate is 60hz… this seems like a good deal, but I’m going to have to think about it.

It comes just like you see it in the picture.

With that image burned into it and everything? Sold!

I’m a little wary of some of the reviews. It seems like there are quite a few reviews that say the TV is the sickest thing since sliced bread, and then there are quite a few that say it isn’t worth a nickel.

It seems like maybe there were a bad batch in there? Or maybe there are quite a few people who don’t know a quality LCD from a Quality Inn?

I’ll say the same thing I said over in Obviously, this doesn’t apply to this specific TV…

For those worrying about the Sanyo brand:

I own a 32 inch or so Sanyo tube TV. This was a Wal-Mart floor model probably about 10 years ago. My brother gave it to me in about 2003. I still have it and am still amazed by the quality of visual and audio output. The only reason I bought a flatscreen was to get hi-def video for the X-box 360. The Sanyo is now in the basement but I still use it from time to time when I’m down there tinkering. This TV got a lot of use and is still kicking. To be honest, the sound quality is better than the Proscan flatscreen we now use in our living room.

if it were 120, id actually consider this
just being @ 60, meh ill pass for now…

…i dont need to be spending that much money at this moment anyways on something like a tv
(my 42" 120hz in the living room does me good enough)


Wow, really awesome TV deal. Two years ago, I bought a 32" 1080p 60hz screen for $360 (a great deal at the time), and this is the first time since then that I have seen a comparable model with a price to match. Except this price even beats what I paid. Anyone who’s been waiting for a superb deal to upgrade from their old tube TV should jump on this. That is, unless you’re holding out for a great deal on a 3D TV, which won’t be around for years more to come. I’d totally buy one, if I hadn’t already made that other purchase two years ago.

Anybody wanting a 120hz screen is just silly. Most movies are still shot at 30 frames per second (30hz), so 120hz is simply over kill. Relatedly, most human eyes can not even easily distinguish between 60hz and 120hz. Plus 3D gaming or 3D movie watching at home, at the moment, requires at least 240hz.

The people concerned about a rate of 60 vs 120 aren’t thinking for watching movies. These are sports fans and gamers who wanna make sure they see that flicker of a catch or killshot.

I’m a tad concerned about the size of this thing, and wonder what year it was originally put out. And despite all the contrast wars, that’s still a pretty low ratio.

This TV is a deal, but it’s not for an enthusiast. If you want an HDTV at a decent size and price, but don’t know a thing about 'em, then you’ll probably be okay going with this one.

So you made me log in…
Inside the Lines,
Your two year old deal with no specifics aside, I don’t know what you are talking about.

First off, films are shot at 24 frames per second and that does not equate to 24hz refresh rate.
This is a cheap price for a “full” HD t.v. but on a set this size the refresh rate or resolution has little to do with anything.
Check the link for more info

I don’t even want to get started on the BS that they are pushing with trying to sell us 3D sets…

I bought this TV this year when Walmart had it on ad for the Super Bowl for $440. With that said, it’s a decent TV. Occasionally I have the sound drop off requiring me to power cycle the TV. Other than that I’ve had no issues with the unit.

60 htz is fast enough. The issue with gaming would be input to display lag. Most TV’s have a game mode that reduces this lag. I would check around before buying for gaming if you play games that require fast reflexes (FPS, racing, etc.).

For most computer use this would be nice.

i think he means the response time, which is 6.5ms…not too great for PC gaming…should be fine for console gaming though, cept probably rhythm games.


This is what I was waiting for in the wootoff.
Actually I wanted a 32", but I guess I’ll just have to put this on top of my entertainment center instead of in the TV compartment.


The reason for the 120 is for movies. Why? Because 120 is a multiple of 24, 30, and 60. This makes it possible to show the frames at the correct time instead of delaying them a bit which can cause jitter.

The human eye can distinguish between 60hz and 120htz, although that doesn’t matter. The confusion over this is people think the eye works at 24hz, which is why movies are 24fps. This is wrong. 24hz is the “minimum” for fluid movement.