Sanyo 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

But it’s a Sanyo… I haven’t bought a Sanyo anything since my first CD player. Granted it worked ok… But it’s a Sanyo! :wink:

I have a Sanyo Tube TV now and it is pretty bad, but you cant really compare it to a 1080 LCD I guess. I realize they are cheaper quality, I have a samsung in my basement that rocks, but at 350 bucks to replace an old tube seems like a good enuff deal, so… bam. wooted.

Its not quality, but a quality 37 inch LCD is double the price so…

need to replace the tube…Wooted! for $350, I am praying I don’t have buyers remorse =X

Me and the GF plan on moving in together and my 1987 woodgrain 27 inch may work really well, but i think its time to upgrade.

I mean, im not a huge gamer at all and would like a nice TV for DVDs and such.

How can I go wrong with this deal, its big and affordable.


One of them didn’t even know there were buttons on the TV! I guess he didn’t bother to even look at the TV or read the manual, but I’m sure you can trust his review. lolz

I am completely overwhelmed now. I grew up with Sony, but I realize the flat screen tv as well as the company are totally different animals today.

I was going to buy the (Refurb) 40-inch Bravia KDL-40EX500 from Sony Style for $599. Is there a major difference in that tv and this one? Maybe a different brand entirely?

Someone please make a decision for me. :slight_smile:

Do you have difficulty reading? Sanyo ≠ Sony.

Let me repost my question in a Hooked on Phonics manner:

Is there a major performance difference in this Sanyo Model and the Sony Model I referenced (in light of the $250 price difference)? Or should I consider buying another brand altogether?

30 seconds’ worth of googling reveals the following.

This Sanyo: 37" diagonal screen, 60 Hz refresh rate, 3 HDMI inputs, 6.5 ms response time

That Sony: 40" diagonal screen, 120 Hz refresh rate, 4 HDMI inputs, no published response time, automatic color and brightness adjustment based on ambient light sensor, 24 fps mode for viewing movies on Blu-ray Disc at their original frame rate

You must decide for yourself whether the price difference is justified by the 3" larger diagonal size, faster refresh rate, extra HDMI input, ambient light sensor, 24 fps mode, and Sony’s reputation being better than Sanyo’s (both in general and with regard to LCD panels specifically).

Yes. It costs considerably more than the Sanyo because:

  1. Sony is a highly regarded brand

  2. The screen is 3" larger

  3. The refresh rate is 120Hz

Those are the differences that are immediately obvious. I’m sure there are others.

You’re comparing apples to watermelons. Do you want a high-end TV or an inexpensive one?

They both sound like good deals.

edit: while I was composing this message, I had to deal with an actual work-related issue, and I see that southcutt answered in the meantime. I’ll leave this post intact on the chance that it added something.

Why don’t most of these come with the USB port on the front for jpeg viewing? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry man, but I gotta ask. What the hell do you do? And are they hiring? You stay up to all hours posting well researched stuff on woot and sellout. I can’t see that you would have time for distractions.

I am a board-certified wizard, but I also do spirit banishing on the side.

Actually, I just invite the spirits over to my place for drinks, but you didn’t hear that here.

NightGhost nailed it. Although I’d personally have to say that Sony is highly RETARDED, not regarded, but that’s my opinion. Anyway: this TV is not going to be a stellar production. Save your pennies and wait to buy something better. If you buy this and have any decent expectations you will be sad. Guest room TV, at best. Hey, it’s a great deal, I’m not knocking that. But it is NOT a great TV. If you keep your expectations low, you should be happy. Personally I’ve had three Sharps in the past few years and LOVE them all. NO problems, ever.

Had to pick this up for a new apartment. It’s a nice second HDTV in one room so I can play my game and my girlfriend can watch her shows (or I can game and watch when she’s asleep).

Overall it has a couple HDMI ins, a component. So it’s perfect for a starter set. If you care about getting the very best, this isn’t going to be for you. But if you just want a good sized tv, that’s reasonably portable (versus 75 pound juggernaut CRTs) this is the way to go.

The only things I’ve seen that I would have gone for is a 300 dollar Emerson 32 inch tv at Walmart It’s nice, but this does 1080p. This is 5 inches bigger, and has better contrast.

Though you are getting what you pay for with these tvs. Don’t expect all the newest bells and whistles, but at the same time, this tv will serve you well if you want your tv or movies to look better.

Hey anyone know how long after purchase do we have to add the warranty from squaretrade?

Oh, yeah… in for ONE~!

Hope it works with my son’s xbox for the basement.

Since when did Woot start charging sales tax. I don’t live in Texas.

Maybe you should post + SALES TAX in the sale price window. This really ticks me off.

WTF! I ordered one and never received a email back or any confirmation that my order went through.

Click “My Account” at the top of the page and you can see your order(s).

Did you click the “stupidly large” gold button?