SANYO 39" 1080p LCD HDTV

**Item: **SANYO 39" 1080p LCD HDTV
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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No reviews at the Mother Ship, but Walmart reviewers give 4-5 stars. Pricing is amazing on this Woot.

I agree on the pricing. It’s worth taking a chance or small gamble. :wink:

Bought a 37" Sanyo Refurb from Woot almost 3 years ago and it is still working great. No issues with it at all.

If I didn’t already own 6 Vizios I would JUMP right on this, but I truly don’t need another TV.

Can this be mounted on a wall? I’m a girl so kinda dumb on this sort of thing.

How would this work as a gaming/computer monitor? is 8.5ms too long for a response?

This IS NOT a good deal!
LOL you can get it new for 250
But why get it @ all.
This is a wootoff killer

Conventional wisdom is below 8ms, so this would appear to be right on the cusp. But as others have said, for the price, might be worth the gamble.

It would suit your purposes. Hardcore gamers would want a faster response time though.

Well, considering I just read a review of a 4k resolution monitor that had 8 ms response time this morning, you might actually be doing alright with 8.5. It’s not the greatest, but it will serve it’s purpose well.

Thanks for the replys all. Currently I have a 24" wit ha 4ms response. Do you think it would be a noticeable change?

Yep. See the Wall Mount Specifications section of the specs, then find a mount that matches.

Looks like it. On the photo of the back, there are four holes for a mount. Nowadays, these things are largely standardized.

That was the first thing I looked for too.

You may notice depending on how accustomed your vision is to the 4 ms screen. May seem a bit less crisp/possibly blurry.

Two years ago I was blessed by the gods at MicroCenter and got a kick-axe name brand TV for the price of a much lesser capable Hanspree.

That TV, unfortunately, has died. It was, however, covered by an AWESOME SquareTrade warranty that I will be collecting on here shortly. I was waffling between having it fixed and just submitting the warranty cash out.

For a $199 39" that will also be covered by SquareTrade, I’m willing to make that purchase. :smiley:

Show us your links!

I have always had great luck with Sanyo tv’s. I bought one at a big box store when LCD’s were first becoming popular. It still runs great to this day.

I own too many at this point. I’m tempted to get 2 for my daughter but she’s in middle of a move. The warranty would be expired by the time she had them set up in guest bedrooms.