SANYO 39" 1080p LCD HDTV

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Just wondering, but why is a TV in the Back 2 School section?

TV’s for those dorms and on/off campus apartments! I couldn’t have made it without playing Mario Kart between classes.

a 60Hz refresh rate is way too slow for that quality and it would be really noticeable to anyone who has watched anything on a higher quality tv even once.

Your post shows you have been reading too much marketing hype.

Yeah, don’t most things output to the TV at 60hz max anyway?

Does this TV have any warranty at all, through WOOT or Sanyo?

If only the USB input would play AVIs, MP4s and MKVs… :frowning:

The Features tab on the sale page states a 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

Okay, I get it now. Video games! I love Mario Kart (NES-format)!

This is a great deal. The size would have been perfect to fit in the TV hole built into my dorm. Too bad those days are gone…

This TV would rock if only it had a VGA or DVI input. Sigh. With a 60Hz refresh it would be great for a small room, gaming PC. Most PC graphic cards output 60hz.

I’ve been looking for a low-cost 37" to 39" 1080p set that has that capability for my daughter.

I got her a Alienware X51 small form factor gaming PC and if this had the right input, it would be great.

Even though it’ll work with HDMI there can be issues with overscan and centering of the output from a PC.

By that I mean that some of the screen can be cut off around the edges and if the TV doesn’t have granular image sizing/placement controls, you lose important parts of the screen.

I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

All I am looking for is a decent sized TV for the basement that will hook up to cable and play XBox so I can get my son and his friends out of my family room. The price is right, but if there are so many refurbed TVs of the same exact model shouldn’t one be skeptical?

Nah. Refurb means the problem was fixed! Should be good as new if not better now.

DVI is pin-compatible with HDMI. Just pick up a $2 DVI to HDMI adapter from monoprice and you’re good to go.

There’s no substitute for judging picture quality in person, but this is a basic 1080p TV for $199. You should not be expecting $750 TV picture quality out of it.

A new 39 inch entry level TV would be priced 50% more in my market.

Quibbling about 60Hz vs… refresh rates is silly at this price - if that bothers you then look at higher end TV’s.

The refresh rate game is just that since all mainstream US signal sources are 60Hz max anyway.

Any attempts to “smooth” the refresh rate to a higher perceived number are done via post processing to ‘interpolate’ (fill in, guess) the video frames in between those 60 frames per second. You’re not going to get a decent quality interpolation processor in this price range. And purists want to turn off that processing for some sources anyway since it makes movies look artificial.

BTW, if it makes any difference, I believe Panasonic has owned Sanyo for many years.

BTW2, if you’re concerned about it being a refurb (apparently it’s not a factory refurb), get the cheap $32 Square Trade warranty on the front page.

Bot similar Sanyo 39" model from Woot in March. I have been very pleased with it and this one is about $50 cheaper.

That is my general theory as well. However when I bought this 2 weeks ago in the woot-off, it arrived with a display issue (fine but obvious horizontal black lines from multiple sources & resolutions) and a backlight issue (light leaking through the bottom bezel). Woot said they didn’t have any more and would refund me (I sent an email today to see if that could change, given this sale), and Sanyo gave me the run-around via email (said Woot wasn’t a partner and they don’t support their sales), and I’m still working through the process with them via phone.

I bought this tv during the last woot off and have been using it as a computer monitor. It’s on much more than my tv and it hasn’t had a problem. Of course I’ve only had it a couple weeks but I’m very happy with it.