SANYO 39" 1080p LCD HDTV

**Item: **SANYO 39" 1080p LCD HDTV
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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I don’t want to block woot form any sales, but I bought this last week at sellout.woot and the second day the speakers started going out. I’m going to call tomorrow about getting fixed.

More info on the Product Page
4+ Star Avg ratings from Walmart users

I wanted to add that other then the speaker issue, the picture is nice and it’s super light.

A handful of solid reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I trust Amazon much better than Walmart. In for 1,2, or 3. Good TV’s for college dorms or guest rooms. We can always use either.

Just bought a $299 39" Insignia HDTV from BestBuy yesterday. It’s going back in the box. In for one!

Just got mine today and my speakers are shot as well. I may smell a trend.

I want. But yet, I fear. Had a lousy experience buying a “refurb” RCA TV off Woot a few months ago. I don’t think it was even “furbed” once, much less refurbed. It did all kinds of goofy things when I turned it on and was completely useless.

Called the number listed on the instruction manual, and they told me to take my lousy refurb and shove off (ok, I’m paraphrasing just a little). :wink: Woot didn’t have another one to send me, so I had to pack it back up and send it back.

Woot of course refunded me, but it was just a bummer. And now, I fear TVs from Woot.

Who are you calling? I also just purchased this from Woot and, at first, the TV wouldn’t even turn on! After leaving it plugged in for a day, it now randomly turns itself on and off! I asked Woot if they have any replacements and their response yesterday was "Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we have no replacements at this time. " Really…? It seems like they have the TV right here! This especially sucks since their support page says “Know that return freight will be at your expense” if I return it. Thanks Woot.

I’ve used Woot for a long time. However, I do not think I will be buying any more electronics from Woot after this experience.

Thanks for the warning guys. Was about to buy one, but I think I’ll pass now.

Speakers on mine are also trash(ed). They work, but the sound has an awfull rattle. I’ve got some external speakers that I’m going to rig up, so I don’t really care. If you buy this, assume that you won’t like the speakers. Other than that, the picture is good and I’m happy with it as a $200 TV for the garage.

The whole woot model is based off of dealing with the manufacturer for returns, not woot.

How well would one of these work as a monitor? I haven’t tried hooking a computer up to a TV in years and I know the picture used to be awful, but now with HDMI I’m thinking it should be pretty good. Yes I know huge.

The picture quality is not as good as an actual monitor, but it is usable for videos and web browsing. If you are working with text or spreadsheets, i would stick with a regular monitor. However, using your computer bypasses the horrible speaker issue that i am having with it. I would recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse, as you will need to sit a ways back.

I purchase this tv during the last deal on woot for same price. One of the speakers was blown from the start and remote stopped working after about a week. I contacted woot support, they offered to refund but I really want the TV (in working order). They told me they did not have any to replace only refund. Except now they are running the same deal…

3 or more posters (as of 11am Eastern) claiming this refurb TV (recently sold by Woot) failed them looks really bad.

Overheard (hopefully) from within woot HQ offices - phone call to Sanyo: "…we at woot have a reputation to uphold. We must discontinue reselling your products until you have demonstrated their reliability has improved…"

To those who are upset with woot not paying return shipping on defective products (I happen to agree it is silly for woot not to pay it if they are confident in product quality) the woot policy is clearly posted:

BTW, while woot parent Amazon is weasily for not explicitly saying so, they pay return shipping for defective items “sold by Amazon”.

Only 4 reviews and of the 2 verified buyers one rated it 3 star the other 5.

I recently bought this last week I have yet to receive it but after hearing the reviews from others I’m very worried. Even more worried when I found out it wasrefurbished by sohnen enterprises. Go to newegg and look at the refurbished tvs the Westinghouse 40" led is and example of the horror stories of Sohnen enterprises. It seems they frequently claim a TV is refurbished when it has lots of problems as simple as lines all over the screen. They are not reputable and their warranty is useless because they don’t respond when trying to contact them. Look at reviews of any TV they restored. On top of all this woot won’t pay for return shipping… Which will cost around $100… I’m afraid I paid $200 for a defective TV. I’m hoping this isn’t so. Either way that was my first and last ever woot. I feel taken advantage of.