SANYO 39" 1080p LED HDTV

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SANYO 39" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Aug 28 to Tuesday, Sep 02) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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8/4/2014 - $199.99 - 0 comment(s)

8/14/2014 - $199.99 (Woot Plus)

Pretty good reviews (4+ out of 5) over at

Commens from a previous sale

Intersting read…

Another day…another refurbed electronic at an average unload price. What is Woot! now…the place to unload refurb crap! :frowning:

Everyday its another refurb. Come on Woot! Give us some items that are actually good items at good deals like the old days.

I have this TV in my bedroom, having bought it from a previous WOOT. It has proved itself to be much better than I would have expected for the price, especially when hooked up to a true 1080p source. And, surprisingly enough, the speakers are adequate for use in a bedroom, something I have not found in most TVs I have auditioned…If you need a TV of this size, you should be happy with this one. The only downside, and it is not much of one, is that it is slightly thicker than most LED based TVs. However, it is still as light as most…I mounted mine on a wall with no help…

Nice computer monitor. Oh…what?! Well, I guess I could get this for the Powder Room?!

75 inches…That’s a TV!!


Don’t be such a cynic. Most deals on WOOT are quite worthy, if you have a use for the category. We will go through times when it seems that nothing matches our needs, but that is the nature of such sites. Even “refurb electronics at average unload prices” are a good deal when you can use them. Where else do you get an excellent 1080p TV of decent size for the price of a cheap tablet? Just be patient…OR, if you cannot, I bid you good day, since it makes no sense to haunt a site and comment when it shows you no value. There are certainly enough of them out there…

Wow,you’re still posting about your 75" TV! NO ONE CARES !
Sam’s was selling these Sanyo TVs and there must have been problems because each visit I saw a few at the return desk but for $200 it may be worth a shot.

It’s almost a year to the date that we bought this deal off Woot and while the price was great, the sound on the television was fuzzy when it arrived so we were forced to turn the volume down to the point we couldn’t hear anything. So we also had to pop on a sound bar & system to correct the sound problem. Again, great deal for a 39", but you may be investing more than you think. (Beware of “refurbished” anyway).

From what I hear on our threads and have read elsewhere, TV speakers pretty much suck across the board. The addition of a soundbar seems pretty standard. Mine has one.

Oh… discuss.

My friend got a Sanyo about a year ago. New. It could be this one, I am not sure. It was around 40". The colors were average, the contrast really struggled, always had to mess with settings going from movie, to football (real football not soccer) and to Video games. Sound was terrible.

After my dealings with this computer at my friends house, I don;t think I’d consider Sanyo.

I got myself a Spectre 40" about a month ago brand new for about 70 bucks more (40") and the thing is outstanding.

Needs a computer input.

I disagree. Many TV’s have great sounding speakers, and they are just barely more expensive than this one. I have an LG and Vizio (both 42"), and neither requires a soundbar.

SO - do you buy a refurb with guaranteed crappy speakers knowing you’ll have to shell out more $$$ for a soundbar, and then having to (potentially) deal with yet another remote for that thing, or just buy a new TV with great speakers? Kind of an easy decision.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive monitor, though, I don’t think you could go wrong.


I bought one a few weeks ago during the last purge.

Seems so far so good! A great deal.

I have had a mixed bag when it comes to refurbs on Woot. This one seems OK so far.

The sound didn’t come out of the speakers at all at first but then I set the volume to go through the speakers and not out of another output…all good!

So, I may even buy another one for the basement/playroom. But I will be rolling refurb dice AGAIN!!


Also, DVI through a DVI/HDMI adapter. That’s two. No VGA though.

Could you/Should you use this as a computer monitor? (office use = Excel/PP/email/web etc. No gaming) and if so, how far should you be from it?