SANYO 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

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SANYO 42" 1080p LCD HDTV
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I love how they took the time to show you that this unit comes with a power cord by showing the first 2 pictures from the same viewing angle. Might have taken 1 of those pics and possibly showed the televison from a different angle or maybe just a pic with all the accessories included in 1 snap shot.

Most reviews of this product give it either one or 5 stars. A lot of customers complain about audio or video problems within the first 2 years.

I am watching mine right now and like it. But it’s slow to respond when changing channels. (Slow = two/three seconds for the t.v. to catch up.)

who buys a TV like this and doesnt have a cable/satellite box? lol. i havent changed the channel on an HDTV other than when I lost cable for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish it were better than 60hz refresh rate. I am currently using a 35" with 60hz and you can really see ghosting. I assume it would look even worse on a 42"

I do so that’s someone. I watch mostly blu-ray or streaming, but sometimes PBS or one of the major networks. . .could care less about cable, the cost or satellite.

looks like wm sells for this price on a regular basis -

Me? I have cable but only one TV with a DVR set top. The rest just connect directly to the TV.

Squall-mart reviews, plus a few [MOD: Removed the Amazon link as it was a different model]

Here it was last time in June while I was on vacation.

Sold out before lunch time last time. Took the liberty to add the manual to my google docs for easier viewing. It can be viewed here The User Manual.

Hmm! So if it’s always available at this price then what’s the incentive to buy it from woot?

Just bought the same set from Sam’s Club, new and in the box, for the same price.

Someone who pays $35 per month for a basic TV/35Mbps DL package, and a lot of HD space.

Oh me. Oh my.
What do I see?
The price is down to $289.99.

Now, go buy three.

PS: If you’ve already purchased this item, you will automatically be refunded the difference. Go forth and celebrate.

I’m assuming that the $10 that was just knocked off was their response to the faux outrage of a price actually being the same (gasp) as woot’s. That usually is pretty rare, as woot’s deals are at least a few months ahead of their time.

Free site-to-store though.

I’m not saying that WM is better or even the same, just that the original sale price here wasn’t very woot-ish.

The cons of buying @ WM would be sales tax (as you stated, which would make it about $13 more) and actually having to haul it from the store to your residence, rather than picking it up at your door.

i almost bought it…until i looked at the reviews and pricing on other sites