Sanyo 58" LED/Samsung Home Theater Bundle

**Item: **Sanyo 58" LED/Samsung Home Theater Bundle
Price: $729.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Here are some reviews for the TV
And Here are some more

3.5-4 star avg

You’re late woot !

How do you post all this info so fast lichme?

Ssmsung Blu Ray players are AWFUL in regards to being user friendly…terrible!!!

Here is the Product Page.

People in GARDENA, CA 90249 or close by can go pick one up from an eBay seller for $529.99. I wouldn’t do it though.

Hax. Surely I have better things to do than to sit up waiting for rollover with a bunch of tabs open waiting to search for this info, just to get QP’s. Yep, gotta be hax.

Let’s watch this video on the sound bar [youtube=f5kdHzTjb6s][/youtube]

middle of the road review (3 out of 5 stars) on the sound bar over at

TONS of solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) on the Blu-ray player over at

The “analog audio out” thing that people are complaining about in reviews–can I not just run a digital audio line out from the DVD/cable/satellite receiver (or some other workaround)?

I’m home-theater-impaired, but this seems like a good cheap way to get a t.v. in the new living room.

Whoa, what happened here? Who lowered that price? Quick! Take advantage of it before someone notices!

Small Print: if you already purchased, money will fly back into your pockets soonish.

Note: these items will ship separately. You will likely receive the components before the TV. The TV is shipped freight and you will be called to arrange delivery. Make sure your phone number on your account is correct.

UPDATE: They may actually ship together. Do still need a phone number to arrange delivery.

What is the point of mixing brands like this? If you need all these devices, buy from ONE manufacturer so that they talk to each other and you use one remote. The TV’s remote will have buttons for basic functions on the disk player, and the disk player’s remote will usually have at least volume control for the TV / sound bar.

Any warranty on this stuff? Not seeing anything on the product page and weary of refurbs without one.

It’s at the bottom of the Features tab:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

There’s also a link to add SquareTrade protection if you want.

Bought a refurb large screen Sanyo from Woot a couple of years ago. After a few months the power unit fried. Found out it had been refurbed in Mexico and I would have to send it to a border town in Ca. for warranty. Cost me close to $300 to get it fixed locally.

These Sanyo TVs are notorious for crapping out right at the 13th month. If you’re brave enough to buy this, make sure you get some kind of extended warranty.

Is there a video that plays the soundbar so you can tell what it sounds like?

I’m not that dumb. But are there any audiophiles that are anywhere near happy with any sondbars? I’ve never heard one in person.