Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier

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Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Sick xbox

Bag of Crap‎


Just when I thought the lull was over…

how could you not be in for at least 1? it will get rid of all the formaldehyde in your house!

Got one of these for my folks. Works pretty well in their house. Gets rid of that old folks smell.

Got one of these a few weeks back. So far, I love it! Makes the room smell great! And has actually cut down on dust, too.

Does this work on cat pee?

I like the old soap and water way to clean my oxygen… fancy schmancy shtuff!

Wonder how it works for pet smell…

How loud is this thing? I want an air purifier but don’t want to hear it blowing at night.

Looks like it’s time to clear the air. I guess that is all I’ve got. Sad.

CRAP! This is the second time I saw this here on Woot. Wanted to do some additional research before I bought it. Go back to buy it, and they sold out. blah. Took like 5 minutes or less!

OMG! I just saw that I was the first sucker to buy this! Do I get a prize?? Huh? Huh? C’mon - maybe at least ship mine first??