Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier

This is obviously the new version of the Nintendo Wii. Just without all the guts of the Wii. Just the case, power supply and fan.

Seen for $299.99 on Amazon

400 square feet each? So I’d need 20 of these to cover my house? :frowning:

How do these compare to Oreck filters and the Ionic Breeze from Sharper Image?

Found the Consumer Reports.

$197 on amazon and has a 4.5 star review.

No way, this is the brand new Nintendo P-U.

The purification claims have been tested through global third party certification institutions? Well then! I must purchase one.

Seriously, it’s like the Woot writers wrote the product specs too.

I read for a little bit, but couldn’t find anything regarding having to purchase filters. Anyone know if there is a filter that needs to be replaced (other than the pre-filter which is said to only need replacing every 4 years)?

Does anyone else think Air Washer Air Purifier sounds a little redundant?

mom might as well throw in a Rival vacuum sealer while she’s at it. for storing basil, yeah that’s it

$127 + $15 shipping on QVC, I would never trust Amazon’s prices on items they are currently selling on WOOT!


Love the write-up!

Soooo, what does this thing do to the humidity in your house? Might be ok in the winter, but I don’t want any more humidity in the warm months.

Can someone with an account please post the review. My wife has bad allergies and I’m thinking of getting this for the bedroom.

Also wasn’t there an article a few years ago about brookstone air purifiers actually causing some respiratory problems.

I’m lovin the 420 undertones in the product description, not to mention it’s like the coolest air purifier I’ve ever seen. I have an Ionic Breeze and some Permenant-HEPA Purifiers in my home, buying filters is for tools. I would totally love to buy this, but I’ve already bought a security system, 2 shirts, a hanayama puzzle, and a computerized telescope this week…damn.

Recommended to clean air containing these contaminants:
Mold spores
Dust mite feces
NOx (from exhaust gas)
Tobacco smoke
Pet dust

5 stars is the average over at Buzzillions.

How do you guys think this would fare in a very high humidity environment?
I have lots of fishtanks/lizards and the breeding room is warm and with high humidity (85%).
The repti-bark smell is pronounced.

Humidity is good for your complexion.