Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifier

I could use this right now…

What is the coveted prize for the home.woot=offs. I know that has Bag-O-Crap’s, does home.woot offer this as well?

What the woot is an Air washer?

It’d probably just give my significant other an excuse to fart.

“Oh no honey it’s okay, the air washer takes care of it”

I was expecting it to be a “Bladeless” Dyson

Wow! 1 unit available. To someone else.

to the OP of the fart joke…my girlfriend just said the same thing!!!

+infinity hahaha

I bought one of these from Woot.

It actually seems to do a pretty good job…BUT…

the cap on the bottom of the reservoir, which is essential for the operation of the unit, cracked after a year of use (no I didn’t overtighten it) I cannot get a replacement part, so until I can figure out if I can “repair” the part. I will be throwing the whole thing in the garbage. Damn…I hate our disposable society. I am mildly pissed.