Sanyo Camcorder/Camera Bag

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Sanyo Camcorder/Camera Bag
$0.01 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Perfect for all those cameras they’ve been selling all day!

Did someone say belt loop? Midwest dads unite!

Is it mac compatible?

Anyone know the true dimensions for this?

I will lose my shit if anybody buys just 1

wow… this should of been in the BOC earlier…

Oh. if only I hadn’t bought the Panasonic camera!

ok. no one needs this.

and. . . it’s over

I know what’s in the bag of crap this month…

Huh so this basically just costs five dollars.

finally the bag for the c rap

I want to see someone buy 1.

ha a crappy bag lol

Not a bag of crap, just an actual crappy bag. rimshots

I had a lot of success with these on the resale market. Brick + camera bag + trunk of car + mall parking lot = $$$

I want a fucking bag of shit

Great deal…in for 3!