Sanyo Digital MP3 Voice Recorder

This is great if you haven’t upgraded your phone since 2003. It says it lets you add MP3s, but does it also let you pull your insane ramblings off there quickly and painlessly to your computer in a format generally accepted as common?

I’ll be using mine to record EVPs. Look out disembodied voices, here I come.

How does the recording quality compare with other mp3 players with recording functionality? I am thinking of Sansa Fuze and the like.

Has anyone ever used this with an external mic? I’m thinking about using this as a backup audio recording solution for my event video production company. Are my expectations about the quality of the recordings too high?

Based on the item features they listed it sounds like it does:

So is this recorder not compatible with a Mac? Just wanted to clarify… Thanks everyone!

Amazon: 2 not positive (I said horrible earlier) reviews, $63.60:

BUT rraazz found similar model (see below) with positive reviews–rechargable batteries, $44.99–cheaper??:

so I just added. Thanks, rraazz.

Product website:

Not much I can find in reviews for this exact model otherwise. Typically around $60 and up for the exact model.

I personally have a Sony, and it wasn’t great but good enough for lectures (sat near the front of a big room), easy enough to download the MP3’s off of it.

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Well, with the Fuze you are limited to the internal microphone. Here you can use an external mic to improve sound quality/pickup so you can hear more later on. I’ve used my Fuze to record classes and it’s okay but not so great. Recorders like this (I’ve used an Olympus with built in USB drive) are designed just for recording. You can actually adjust the sensitivity unlike with the Fuze, and files can be organized which is a plus. If I record a class with the Fuze, the file is named for the date and time and grouped in with all the other class recordings. Here, as with an Olympus, you can manage what’s recorded where in different folders.

The drawback, though not a huge one, is AAA batteries but if you invest in rechargeables everything will be okay.

(Oh, and as suggested, you can plug a guitar in for recording with the right line-in plug–which gives direct recording rather than bootleg sounding audio)

Maybe compatible with a Mac:

This is the closest answer I could find, regarding drivers.

As best as I can tell from the manual, when you connect the recorder to your PC, it shows up as a USB drive. All the images in the manual and all the directions indicate this. If it shows up as a USB drive, I would assume that it works with a Mac. However, there is a notice in the manual that says, “Operation is not guaranteed for Macintosh.” Then again, it also says that it is not guaranteed to work with all PCs. Hmmmm. Check out the manual and decide if you want to take your chances:

(Sorry to make you copy/paste the url. I can’t get it to work properly when I make it a link.)

To be fair, one may have had his recorder damaged by a battery leak, and the other just nitpicks the controls to death. Be nice to find some more balanced reviews, but they may not exist.

(I just ordered one for my wife, so I hope it turns out okay. If it’s really as bad as the first review says, I may be checking out Woot’s return process…)

I understand what you mean that they weren’t the most balanced reviews–someone must have liked this. I hope it works out for you (cheap regardless). I didn’t look forever for other reviews, but the closest reviews I could find were for different models (and minimal at that). I hope someone else has better luck finding balanced reviews.

Amazon also reviews the ICR-FP550E, which appears to be same device but with rechargeable battery capability. This one reviews very well. For the price, might be worth a try…

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Thanks, I edited my entry above and will provide the link to the rechargeable battery model here too (interestingly cheaper at $45). I hope that they’re basically the same (the model # would make you think so):

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Reviews at alatest

retrevo links


Anyone know what quality/bit-rate the 280 hours of recording time is in?