Sanyo Digital MP3 Voice Recorder

Memo to self: why would I want this?

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Actually, the list price for the FR550E is $15 more than list for the FR550. $45 is the discount online seller Buy.Com price. The higher Sanyo list price for the 550E is about right for the same model (550) with onboard charging & two rechargeable AAA batteries
(often supplied free or near free to component makers for promotion purposes).

It appears that Sanyo stopped making the FR550 (listed “out of stock” at Sanyo) & replaced it with the FR550E

Does this have a memory card slot?

No. Look at the photos. No slot & Sanyo does not mention one in its ad. Instead, it claims you can easily transfer files to & from a PC.

If you aren’t careful, this sort of thing can get you in trouble in Chicago and a few other places where cops like to interpret the laws a bit broadly:

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Define “Provides quality audio recording.” Unless it is 44.1, it is not quality. 16 bit or 8 bit samples? Usually these things are “voice quality” which is somewhere between a cheap answering machine and AM radio.

Thanks for the links!

Unfortunately, I was looking for something more along the lines of a dictation recorder (one you can pause, stop, resume recording and if needed edit by adding or amending what was being recorded). I think all this model does is record continuously, and that’s about all. I think I was looking for something more along the lines of the Sanyo ICR-FP700D ($129.99 MSRP; Black). However, IIRC, nothing in the Sanyo line really was capable of doing what I wanted.

And I really like the idea of removable recording media (like an SD card). This one only has fixed (built-in) memory.

Yep, definitely this isn’t a good piece for that. Not only does it lack a line input, but you can rest assured that the mic preamp is cheap and horrible, and that the recording quality (24kHz, 48kbps I think is considered HQ) will be swishy and full of artifacts.

If you want something that is a bit more sophisticated for pro use, but on a budget, check out the iKeyAudio recorders.

All i have to say is I wish i had something like this in college at least i didn’t have to use a slide rule (i still cant figure those things out) Also i wish MP3 was cheap enough back then I had 2 audio recorders one i always used because it used Micro Tapes and with multiple tapes i could record all my classes although in my senior year i got a digital player that cost me like $100 and with its internal mic could only pic up my classes lectures on SP mode which only allowed 2 hours of recording for a 3 hour class. That sucked and i kicked myself after I told myself (you stooopid Frack you are going to use this $100 POS) so i tried the dictation mode to hopefully cut out all the silent moments of the lecture along with pausing out crap teachers say about the good old times when they actually did something for a living LOL. But it never worked. I am soo envious of Students today There is so much to make things easy. I also feel bad for all the old suckers who had to rely on notebooks and slide rules skrew that crap. All i used my notebook for was to write down audio points of interest. anyway no one care about this crap but back to reality:

If you know a student that doesn’t have a mp3 player that records well (try to find one lol) and get this for them because recorders are just as important as calculators are. or frack with them and buy them all the old crap you used to use and see if they even know what it is LOL i doubt most college students know even know what a slide rule is! (except for some advanced math students)

not this model


I substituted the alatest page. Note that the link to the expert review shows you the wrong model again, but at least there are a few more customer reviews.

does anyone know if it compatible with Mac?

I’m in for one.

I’ve had an Olympus digital recorder for nearly five years, and I can’t live without it; it’s in my pocket always. It’s there for reminders to myself; collecting info from other people; snippets from the radio that I might want to pursue; street sounds during travel (like the massed choirs performing on the steps of a cathedral that I happened on); notes on pieces seen in museums. Because I can upload everything to the PC, I have hundreds of hours of memories.

The one downside to my old Olympus is its limited storage, and its proprietary software that needed special help to work with Vista. There are newer models, but they increased the length so that carrying it in my pocket is not as convenient.

This Sanyo is a little shorter and a little wider, so I’m hoping that it will fit nicely.

One possible caution: the specs only go to Vista, not Win 7.

This Amazon review (which is for the ICR-FP550E model, which appears to be the same except for the inclusion of rechargeable batteries) does say the device is mac compatible.

The description only says it can transfer music files from a computer. Can it transfer recordings to the computer?

it seems that if you transfer files from the computer to the device they go into a folder MUSIC on the device.

it reads that all folders can go to the computer.

Yes - the actual wording is “the MUSIC folder is used for transferring MP3 or non-encrypted (non-DRM) WMA audio or song files from PC files.”

I have a Radio Shack 2-speed micro cassette recorder that does all that fine. I’ve had & used it for 20 years. Thin & light. I run it with 2 rechargeable nimh AAA batteries & 90 minute Sony micro cassette tapes. Fed tried to outlaw them. Said some were spying on each other with them, the Voice Activate being so sensitive & the recorder so small. Its still smaller than any digital recorder I’ve seen

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