Sanyo Xacti 1080 Full-HD Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom

I bought this one in a previous woot for 30 bucks more that it’s in today’s, but I don’t regret it.

It’s a great little shooter, with good picture quality for both movies and stills, even under low light conditions. But, I want to emphasize that it’s just good, not great and much less excellent, so don’t expect it to replace your uber-expensive camcorder/camera.

I carry it with me most of the time in my car or in my backpack, because you’ll never know when the next viral video moment will pop up in front of your eyes and you don’t want to be unprepared for it. It’s acceptably fast from off to shooting, taking about 4 seconds.

No, it can’t be used as webcam.
No, it doesn’t shoot clips over 20 minutes each.
No, it doesn’t come with a strap or a bag.
No, it doesn’t shoot stills while you’re recording a video (except during the first 20 seconds).
No, you can’t use flash while shooting video.
No, it doesn’t have any in-camera post processing for images/videos.
No, it doesn’t snap the time/date to the pictures/movies.

Yes, it records stereo sounds.
Yes, it has an optical zoom.
Yes, it keeps the focus while you zoom in/out.
Yes, it has a flash for pictures you can enable/disable.
Yes, it shoots HD videos (1080p, 720p).
Yes, it has a still motion mode, but you can’t control the time between shots.
Yes, it has image stabilization, although don’t have to expect too much from it.
Yes, it can be tripod-mounted.
Yes, it has a HDMI port.
Yes, it can be recharged via USB.

There are only two things that bugged me at the beginning but I got used to them:

  1. It doesn’t keep the numbering of the images/videos and restarts it back to 1 when you wipe out the SD card.

  2. When you connect it to your PC to download the images/videos through its USB dongle, only the internal memory is recognized by Windows as a storage device, which means you can’t download what’s stored in the SD card. However as almost every new laptop/desktop now comes with a SD card reader, you can just take the SD card out of the camera and download your pictures.

PS. As an unrelated comment, I wonder why Woot changed the word fl.ash to Flesh during comment preview (and maybe after posting)???

Yes. without considering forex conversion.

Well, I’m sold on the eazy upload. If it had merely been “easy” I wouldn’t even consider it.

That video with over 12,000 Views reports you can surprisingly take a picture to capture a still photo while recording video.

* Quick Start Guide
* Warranty Card
* **Sanyo VCP-HCX10 Camera Bag with Shoulder Strap Compatible with all Dual Camera Models**

I’m fairly sure the “In the box” section begs to differ.

You don’t understand why Flip is successful? Only 720p. But… people know how to use it. It… just works.

You can have a small HD camcorder that fits in your pocket and not miss anything you would want to capture. Or you can have a DSLR that takes much better video… but it’s a pain to take to your kids birthday party, or to the beach where it will get full of sand… or on a boat where it will get wet… or you’ll be all paranoid about leaving it your car.

Which is better, this or the Kodak Zi8?

It does sound fairly impressive…but…I still have my doubts about this particular, and ever-popular, Shape for a camera. Those who have one (any kind, but this shape)…how comfortable is it while using?
Oh…and now I know why CompUSA and Circuit City went out of B&M business…they are trying to sell this camera for $328.99!! Yipes!

I have a 3rd gen creative vado already which takes nearly identical, if not better footage. I am pretty sure the point and shoot i bought from woot around christmas takes as good or better footage. sound is average as are all handicams. im more interested in how these perform in low light or indoors. however people RARELY make indoor video samples. I wonder why, guess they dont wanna be in their own video

I bought one of these camcorders elsewhere awhile back after missing out on Woot’s deal. I paid slightly more, and believe it was still a good buy. Woot’s price now makes it a steal.

The VPC PD2’s fit and finish are very good. The picture quality for videos is quite good. Still photos are decent for 4x6 snapshots, maybe 5x7 too — a handy feature.

What sets the VPC PD2 apart is the zoom, which really is handy. Being an optical zoom, it maintains image quality in a way digital zoom does not.

The VPC PD2 is a fun, easy-to-use, take-anywhere camera. It lacks the advanced capabilities of a $300-plus camcorder but costs less than $100 in this deal. If you’re at all interested and $89 isn’t going to reduce you to eating candy bar lunches, go for it.

Does the audio hardware on this have automatic gain control (AGC)?

That is, if you bring it to a loud concert, does it reduce the levels accordingly, or does everything start to clip and distort?

compusa and circuit city also went out of the online business, and not for selling this item for $300+. They simply failed in general, and I believe it was tigerdirect that bought their domains because of the name recognition.

What file format (codec/container) does this record in?

That’s a valid point, but not everyone wants to take their more-expensive camera anywhere and everywhere. Nor does everyone require that their every still exposure be suitable for making exhibition-size prints, or their every video look like it came out of a professional studio.

Then there’s the situation when son or daughter is going to the county fair with a bunch of friends, and could he/she take Dad’s $500 Canon camcorder to record the fun, oh please, oh please?

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I am torn on this. I am going to Italy at the end of the year, and I am looking for a camcorder similar to this. Something that will do a decent job, but wont make me sob hysterically if it gets lost/stolen/damaged during the trip. I was thinking about getting a Flip Ultra HD before I saw this.

What do you guys think? Between the VPC-PD2BK or
Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation)

Is it 3D compatible?


Not sure how I got the wrong link there!

Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation)

Edit: Ok, there is an edit button. I need to stop posting at 2:45am…

I bought one last time. Good little unit, it has worked without flaw with high quality pics. A little odd holding it, but great value for the money.

I agree with your post except for when you said one that costs a “little” more will take excellent still images. I think you have to get in the $1,000 range for a camcorder to take excellent still images. at $500, they look ok on the camcorder lcd, but if you look at them on your computer or especially if you print them, they are very grainy and the colors are not realistic. Just my $.02.