Sanyo Xacti 1080 Full-HD Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom

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Sanyo Xacti 1080 Full-HD Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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How is the imagine quality? Does this machine lag when using like cellphone video cameras? Also what’s the battery life?

The free shoulder bag really completes this deal for me. Well done, Woot!

oooo, nice deal compared to Amazon.

Very clear picture, too.

How well does this work indoors or in low light conditions? I bought a similar camera a few months ago (Xacti VPC-GH2 14MP HD 1080) and it’s absolutely horrible unless shooting outside in perfect weather.

Full 1080p, HDMI out, and a built-in USB connector? This camera is Xacti what I wanted! Thanks, woot!

Got it.
Like it.
Get it.

I have one of these and I like it.

I have some youtube videos

This is a concert I went to (low lighting)

And this was when I first got it (normal outside lighting)

Minimum illumination: 14 lux

For $85, that’s apparently what you get.

Now I see why my expensive video camera has a 2 lux rating.

FYI 1 lux is light from 1 candle; 14 lux means something like you need the equivalent of 14 candles to take acceptable video.

OK light geeks, tear my 14 candle comment :wink:

Never trust anything on the Internet without researching it.

in for 3

I’m impressed by the quality of those videos!

It can zoom all the way to SWEDEN!

Dude, I LOVE Amon Amarth! The new album is sick. Thanks for sharing the vids!

Dad humor right there. Well done.

Hooray! Sorry for breaking the site. This is why I can’t have nice things.

Well, when we come back on track - can anyone contrast/compare this to the Panasonic DMC Zs6 digital camera with HD video that was offered on woot a couple of weeks back? I am assuming today’s offering has higher quality video since it is dedicated camcorder, but I don’t want to purchase another machine if the output isn’t noticeably better than what I can take with my fancy pantsy new (refurb) woot camera.

ZOMG I don’t know if any1 knows but there wuz only 1 for sale! lol quick run tell the others!

now poor little jimmy wont have a Christmas thanks to you