Sanyo Xacti 1080 Full-HD Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom

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Sanyo Xacti 1080 Full-HD Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Before some bodyasks, if you want serious good sound for interviews, etc, you need a unit that accepts a plug-in external mic.

I bought one of these last time. Pretty decent little camera for the price. :slight_smile:

The sound is OK for narration if you hold it close, but not great for much else. I was able to record my bike exhaust systems fairly well though.

this doesn’t look like a bad deal for a cheap camcorder.

I bought one of these on a previous Woot. Great video camera and still picture camera. 2 in one. I am so happy I bought this. Tuck it away in your pocket till you need it. HD looks wonderful on my HD TV. What surprised me was the great pictures that it takes. 10 MEG camera. We just went to the zoo and I took a ton of video’s of my grandson and many pictures.Uses SD cards and the 3X optical zoom is a plus. Extra batteries were cheap and the charger was cheap. Get batteries at about $4 each. Buy it you won’t be sorry.

only $97 on amazon for $40 or $50 maybe not $89

I hear that the best part about these camcorders is that they often come with a FREE Panasonic Lumix camera! :slight_smile:

That’s because it isn’t a refurb.

I prefer the classic Flip Mino HD - classic looks and performance for a pocket sized hand held video recorder!

The golden line is going backwards!

Bought one a couple of months ago…pretty poor camera. Cheaply made and the lens is not sharp.