Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder & 14MP Camera w/12x Optical Zoom

“Records in full HD 60i video and up to 14 megapixel digital photos”

60 lines interlaced HD???

Does this thing shoot in 1080p or 1080i, the specs are confusing and misleading

Amazon averages 3 1/2 stars

How does this compare to $1000 hd cameras? What do you sacrafice for such an inexspensive cam?

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Does this have a microphone jack?



60fps interlaced

I’ve used this camera for the past month and I would recommend it. This price is good too, I paid $10 more from

The only con is the dark shooting, but at this price point it is more than capable.

Looks like no mic jack, I’m out on this one.

No, but the microphone is actual on the flip out screen.

60i means shoots 30 odd fields and 30 even fields per seconds. odd + even fiels (i.e. lines 1,3,5…1079 and lines 2,4,6… 1080) = 1 frame, i.e. 30fps (frames per seconds. a pit of an odd thing for a digital device but, FYI all US HDTV signals are 1080i, that is 30 odd fields and 30 even ones per seconds, like this camera…

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I am making good on my promise to Woot to buy a better product from them after allowing me to return the Sylvania Turdcam that barely worked at all.

For $140, this seems like a decent, fun camera, though they had me at 12x optical zoom.

Some footage tests from the tube:
“Low” light?

Facial hair test

Test Ride

I have the WOOT Sanyo Xacti 10mega pixel Full HD 1920x1080 handheld camera/recorder I just HAD to have before my Hawaiian vacation piece of crap - would NOT reccommend this product/brand to anyone!

Let’s Take A Ride

GH2 Test

What do you dislike specifically about the camera, or is it a total bomb?

Anyone that has this, does it take good still-shots? Like camera photos? Does it replace a regular P&S digi-cam?

I’m confused… does it shoot at 30fps or 60fps?

I have the previous xacti sold by woot and it shoots 1080 30fps or 720 60fps.