Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder & 14MP Camera w/12x Optical Zoom

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Here it is on Amazon

3.5 Stars on Amazon

3 Stars on Newegg

Product Website

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Cheapest I see elsewhere is $168 here:

Looks like a good deal.

edit: Amazon price is lower due to free shipping option…

For any of you who purchased 1 or 2 of the 9,999 32GB SD cards the other day… This is perfect for you if you got the SD card because it was a great deal and then later said… “what the heck am i going to use this with.”

Bottom line: SD card+ camcorder=THE ULTIMATE WOOT!

how’s the image stabilization on this thing? Thinking of mounting it in a race car application.

User Manual

Here is a link to the product page on Sanyo’s site with lots more info.
One person there likes it a lot too!

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Odd, yet informative video

Woot-off previous woot!

…And non-woot-off previous woot…

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I’ve read a few reviews about HD camcorders recently. It seems like for this price range, $100-$200, the image stabilization will be bad-ok but never exceptional. Since the camera is only $130, you need to realize what you are getting. HD, upgradable memory, and stereo sound. Sounds like a winner for me.

I bought this the last time it was up, and it’s awesome.

well, it’s better than crabs…

a whole lotta videos

Does anyone know how well this works when it’s dark out?

Here’s some reviews
BH Photo Video.

bought this last time on Woot, about a month ago. Very good quality still pics. Video on full HD - can’t find high capacity SD card that is fast enough to stay up with subject motion, such as sports shots or even just panning. Real jagged video. Fast motion works pretty good though on 720p resolution. The freshly charged provided battery last 30mins running video. Found extra batteries on eBay for cheap. None of the batteries hold a charge though for more than a couple of days. Also found 64gig SDXC card on ebay for very reasonable price. This holds A LOT! Image stabilization works pretty well.

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