Sanyo Xacti HD Camcorder & 14MP Camera w/12x Optical Zoom

Yipee. Another camera. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

FULL HD. Nice…

video review

sample video



Great camcorder, great price and its NEW!!!

The Xacti is a pretty nice camera. I love mine! It’s been in standby mode for 4 months and the battery is still good haha

So so deal, Amazon has it for about 150 and the reviews are 3.5 stars link

bed time? AWWWWWW they buying them

Have any of you run across a video that didn’t properly show a thumbnail in Windows 7? Or playback in Windows media player? I thought having to declare compatibility was a thing of the past.

People are complaining that this woot is horrible. Wine woot has it worse. I think they are still on their second item.

Let’s see these babies sell!

VLC pwns any prebuilt program

I own one of these and they are FANTASTIC! Excellent quality video, easy setup and operation, and unbelievable battery life! I wish I had a reason to get a 2nd. =(

I wonder why it’s been in standby for so long… (shifty eyes)

A few more reviews show it is a mixed bag…


But that isn’t what I asked.

Side note: Is the forum taking tens of seconds to load for anyone else?

You know what I want? really want to buy a camera. It’s a shame woot doesn’t sell cameras. And if they did sell cameras, there’d probably be like one per woot-off and no way I’ll catch it.

Correction. They have not even sold out their first item yet. lol

As long as companies keep developing their own formats there will always be compatibility issues. If there was one set standard for video, photos, sounds, etc, compatibility wouldn’t be an issue. Problem is, everyone wants different things and not any one single format can meet everyone’s needs.