Sanyo Xacti High Definition SDHC Camcorder with 30X Optical Zoom and Bonus Pack Woot Info Post
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Sanyo Xacti High Definition SDHC Camcorder with 30X Optical Zoom and Bonus Pack [New] - $139.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sanyo VPC-ZH1R Red HD Camcorder w/Case, HDMI cable, 1GB SD card, & 2 Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries

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The product website if you need it.

please advise how the face detection feature operates…

If I had the money, I would buy this!

Does anyone know if this camera plays nice with OS X and iMovie?

Wow… 30X optical zoom, nice resolution, case, batteries, SD card… what a deal! If I didn’t already have a camera, I’d buy this in a heartbeat!

A bit cheaper than the $200 a lot of other places want.

I believe this is the correct model number and test video

Can this camera be manual focused or is it on that annoying Autofocus setting or does it try to trick you by saying you can manually focus it, but in reality, nothing changes no matter what you do?

From the Woot Blog:

“Well, “born” isn’t quite the right word, Clonathon. You were grown from various strands of DNA in a nutrient tank in a scret laboratory far below the Nevada desert.”

Someone forgot the ‘e’ in secret :wink:

I can haz camcorder? :smiley:

But my TV is 1080p. This might be ok, but my regular camera already does 720p at 60 frames (AVCHDlite). Though not quite as cheap as this.

Edit: My camera is cheaper now (damn it), about $235 (I paid $350), so it’s not much more than this now - (encase anyone cares).

amazon link

Reviews are hard to find on that one. But i’m definitely digging the color choice on this one.

What exactly is a “scret laboratory”?

Per the specs, an 8GB memory card will shoot about 2 hours of video. Assuming this ratio is standard regardless of size of memory card, the included 1GB card will allow you to record 15 mins out of the box.

I highly recommend replacing the card as soon as you get the camera and use the 1GB for extra storage on your laptop, a spare card for an older digital camera, etc as 1Gb in this unit would be pretty useless for vacation or other memorable occasion videos.

I think R. Kelly used one of these. Great for action shots.

Is it Firewire compatible?

web manual…

This only comes with a 1GB memory card. You will only be able to record ~15 minutes (?) until you run out of space.

However, SD cards are cheap. Just don’t buy ones from Ebay. They’re fakes.