Well thought out and executed, and red is the perfect color choice.

Thanks, lordbowen, the one thing I was sure of is that it had to be red…or are you being sarcastic?

Red. Why did it have to be red.

–quiet sobbing–

Another shirt that would look nice as black ink on a white shirt (shirtWoot! hates white shirts), or even white ink on a black shirt.

I like the design but, unfortunately it’s red, which is soooo not my color… (grin)

It is red because it is spoken straight from the heart,

Ah, nostalgia for when I was unaware of the feelings of others. Also, very nicely punned.

Ha! At first glance I thought Sm was the element “SMarmium”.

Being sincere, not sarcastic. Red is the color I associate with sarcasm (because it’s in a person’s blood).

I’d order if it wasn’t red. (or black, I have way too many black t-shirts).

I don’t care for shirts like this. I always feel out of my element.

I’m happy it’s red.

Is there a shirt being planned for O R Ga Sm?

If there wasn’t, I bet there is now

What’s the difference between Standard and American Apparel?

Two basic differences to me…
American Apparel is a closer, slimmer fit. And, as implied by the name, American Apparel is manufactured in the USA.

I read the difference between the two manufacturers, but I haven’t bought either for myself in the past. Someone who has ordered from shirtwoot! in the past, does the sizing run true? I normally wear a Large, but I have ordered shirts online before that are “imported” and they are too small. This seems to indicate that the imported shirt is bigger. Seems strange to me.

Both manufacturers run on the small size, the cut of American Apparel more fitting and less boxy. But, if you are looking for a more relaxed fit, rather than form-fitting, order a size larger from either manufacturer.


If Woot is going to offer a red shirt they should offer an alternate color also. Most people don’t look good in red.