SATA 151-Piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set

SATA 151-Piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set

Kind of concerned with the quality of these after reading the description.
“Material Plastic”

I’ll take them off your hands! That’s a bargain.

The plastic is the blo-molded case that the tools come in!! Which speaking of, the Top of the case holds the combo wrenches and the two spark plug sockets very securely. The Bottom part of the case has everything else & unfortunately the rest of the pieces aren’t secure so make sure you open the case with the writing on top! The Latches are also plastic so that may be a problem down the road.

As far as the Tools they are very good quality! I would say that they are comparable to name brand tools!!

A 151pc set for $40 is a fantastic buy!! I purchased 2 sets, one for each car I have. I definitely recommend these tools if they are on Sale again!