Satco Lighting Fixtures

These all use bulbs with the GU24 connectors.

Let’s all learn about them here.

It’s a bit more per bulb than the Edison Screw (normal) bulbs, but who knows how long that’ll last, especially since these bulbs should theoretically cost less to make.

Somebody explain why the Green Living 45/005 3-Light 15-Inch has a spec width of 28.75"?

The 6" satin nickel ceiling mount is cheaper by $1.50 at Lowes and I don’t have to pay $5 in shipping (I live in TX, so I have to pay taxes with woot, so that has no bearing in this for me.)"+ceiling+mount+satin+nickel+satco&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3D6%22%2Bceiling%2Bmount%2Bsatin%2Bnickel%2Bsatco&facetInfo=

How come several of these are listed as LED lights, yet the specs say they come with CFL bulbs?

Can the “Green Living 45/035 2-Light 11-Inch Semi-Flush, Brushed Nickel” be mounted to a pitched ceiling?

Can anyone explain why the Green Living 45/041 3-Light 21" Vanity is listed as having a width of 11.375" in the specs? Sorely confused…

I noticed that as well. I’ll pass.

has anyone’s order shipped yet?

I just PM’d you. Please check your messages when you have a chance.

I was wondering the same thing. No shipping info on my order either.

Sorry you haven’t received tracking. Have you tried using the ‘Track by Reference’ feature on FedEx’s website? Just use your order number as the reference number and estimate 5 business days after your order was placed as the ship date. Let me know if you still don’t find your tracking info.

Thanks for that tip. I forgot that we could check shipping status that way even if we didn’t receive the actual tracking number. Looks like it’s out for delivery today!

No problem, glad to hear it should’ve arrived today!