Satisfying bodily urges during a Woot-Off


Without being too vulgar, any clever ideas on using the restroom while remaining an active wooter during a woot-off?


I find wallowing in one’s own wastes somewhat sharpens the competitive edge during a WOOT-off, as well as many other worth-while endevors.


Wait for a plasma TV, dyson, or roomba. Then run. Or wear disposable undergarments.


Just say no.




You could use the restroom as a dance studio, a place for creative shadow puppetry, or just a place to contemplate why you didn’t pull the trigger on those Reservoir Dogs shot glasses I guess… :slight_smile:


Use a series of cleverly-connected tubes…

Or you could be old school and try bringing back chamber pots!


SOMEBODY hasn’t seen the WoW episode of South Park that effectively addresses this issue.


It’s too bad I no longer live with my mother.

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Do you have a spouse? This is a way to test whether they truly love you.


laptop if you insist on being anal


Yeah! look how well it works for teenage abstinence!


camping potty
litter box
elaborate system of mirrors/periscopes and wireless keyboard/mouse
USB poop launcher


“Honey…could you come over here for a second? Is the Wenger SwissGear Rival Notebook Backpack still empty? Bring that.”


USB poop launcher could be the best idea on this list.


I need that for the office.


Keep a laptop setup at the toilet.


web-enabled phone.


train a small child to push F5 and scream if the picture changes. You should have enough notice from the time the sold out comes up to grab whatever is necessary (or finish quickly if you are gifted that way) and grab a computer, just make sure the office is near the bathroom.


Ms. KtC,

Our small child would mash all the buttons and keys she sees, and probably scream regardless of whether the screen changes or not. Actually she’d probably wander off if the screen doesn’t change.