Saucony Men's Hurricane ISO, 2 Colors

I just bought these a week ago from the parent ship for a couple bucks less. I’m going for my first run on them this morning.

^^^ Ditto that comment. I just bought two pairs for less on mothership Amazon. The dialogue must have been, “Hey, let’s put these on our deal site, and raise the prices a bit. There’s a deal.” That being said, these are still a great price compared to the price range at which these were regularly found only recently ($140-160) - apparently, the prices have recently dropped quite a bit, but not to this low price. I highly recommend getting these at this price if these shoes are for you. The Hurricanes are great shoes and I’ve used them for many long races for several years, but you should know that they are stability shoes, and are a bit heavy (almost 11 oz for men and 9 oz for women) and are heavily/plushly padded and may have too much weight and bulk for someone who doesn’t need that. The drop is also moderate and are good for forefoot running – I used the Hurricanes to switch from a heel strike to forefoot several years ago and that has improved my running significantly. Here’s a review, with video, from Runner’s World: They awarded it in June 2015 as the best shoe update.