Saucony Men's Guide 8, 5 Colors

Saucony Men’s Running Shoe Collection

My Favorite.Need X-Wide. Do you have them woot? Will buy 2

Happy Monday Wooters. The buyer has lowered the price of the Guide Mens & Womens shoes! This is an awesome price. Buy ALL the shoes.

If you already purchased, the difference will be refunded to you soonish.

These do indeed get good reviews. I am an asics runner and just bought a new pair yesterday, but I am still on the fence on this one… Probably gonna go for the Triumph over the Glide though.
For those considering buying one of these, know your feet before you buy shoes. These are NEUTRAL shoes (not for people who over-pronate or over-supinate a lot). If those are your known issues, do not buy; go with a “stability” or “motion control” shoe. If you don’t know your feet, go to a running store and have them put you on a treadmill.

edit: oops… just saw the other comment about lowering the price…

it was $54.99 this morning when I ordered it but looks like the price has been modified and is now $49.99. How can I get the new price applied to my order?

Actually, these are considered a “support” shoe. The Saucony Ride is the neutral version.

Saucony is a great brand. I’m a little biased because I’ve used them for almost 10 years now. Ugh makes me feel old at 27 haha.

Anyways, this shoe in particular is a STABILITY shoe, meaning there is a dense foam on the inside of the shoe’s sole called a MEDIAL POST. It’s there to slow down your rate of pronation if you are over-pronating aka rolling your feet inwards. Easy sign of it? Inside knee pain w/ outer hip pain, inner shin pain, and callouses or blisters on the inside of the big toe and ball of foot. This shoe would stop those problems.

If you don’t have those problems, this shoe would OVER-CORRECT your running gait and you would be pushed to the outside of your feet, as if you were bow-legged. It doesn’t feel good, I promise.

This shoe runs a little narrow in the toes, but fits a lot of arch (both in width and height).

It’s lighter than most stability shoes, so you should feel like you’re running on air!

If anyone has any questions, I’d love to answer!


P.S. I’m high school Coach, running specialty Assistant Manager, Saucony Brand Ambassador, and distance runner. I kinda know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

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