Saucony Men's Triumph 18 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Triumph 18 Running Shoe

Sweet! I’m in for a pair.

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Yeah these are good deals. A major brand. And I can’t find these prices matched anywhere.

Agreed! I actively watch the price on these and haven’t seen prices this low forever.

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Hi, new here. need your advice regarding Men’s size chart. I need European size 42. According to the size chart attached to Men’s sell, is US size 10 or 8.5 (usually 8.5 Men size is 42, but 10 Women size is 42)? TNX

I bought 2 different colors which are now sold out in my size - glad I got them when I did

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Hi there. Found the size chart on the Saucony site.

Size 42 Euro would be 8.5 mens (10 women)

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These are great, and the only sneaker I buy, but I have seen better prices in the past here on Woot. Maybe those days are gone.

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I knock down 20 miles a day on average. How are these or will I have them worn out in no time?

Are these better than the 19 on sale too? Why is this number lower hut more expensive?

Itsvjard to say. Technically the omni 19 are stability shoes while the 18 is neutral. But I didn’t even know what those terms meant until I did some research this morning before I bought a pair

How much lower have you seen them - just out of curiosity

Wow. What shoes are you running in now? What brand do you typically use?

Saucony’s just arrived this morning. Thanks Woot.

I love new tennis shoes.


Mine actually arrived yesterday on Labor Day which surprises me. I never buy wide width shoes so we’ll see how comfortable these really are

Mine are great. Very pleased.