Saucony Men's Triumph ISO, 5 Colors

Ordered by mistake

Or you could buy these at amazon at the same price and take advantage of prime shipping.

Quite simply the finest running shoe I’ve ever worn. I paid full price for my first pair, so this feels like a steal. I’ve worn every major brand over the years, but run exclusively in Saucony now.

Bought the Triumph ISO at local running shop last year, paid full retail price. At less than half price, I’m in for two.

Just another example - Woot is a scam to get you to think you’re getting a great deal when in actuality it’s not much different than anywhere else.

List price is bogus and so is the % discount. To be fair to Woot - they acknowledge this fact !

I wear an 11 wide in these & love them. However, Saucony only makes the Blue/Citron/Orange version in wide. You can see this on Saucony’s own site:

When I select 11 wide from the drop down, the only available color is Black/Red. It will let me go all the way to checkout, but I’m afraid that if I order, they will either send me the wrong size (not wide) or they will cancel my order. I’m still in for two pair because this is more than 50% off the original retail price of these shoes, but I’m already dreading having to jump through hoops to return these when they send the wrong size.

EDIT: I contacted Woot & they replied with this message:

*Sorry to say that, on this particular item, the only information we’ve got is already listed on the ad under the “Features And Specs” tabs. If you need to know something not listed there, you could try asking in the forums or contacting the manufacturer directly.

Please be advised the item that is sent to you will match your order.*

So I guess I will be getting a shoe that Saucony apparently does not make.

[MOD: See my post below.]

The price is not bogus. I’m a very active runner & I have three pair of these shoes. The new model just came out, but these are still selling at running stores for anywhere from $125-150. When they were originally released, they had an MSRP of $150.

How is the sizing in these shoes? Is the posted size “really” the size of the shoe?

I normally wear a 10.5 4E shoe. I wear an 11 wide (2E) in these to give myself more room in the toe box when running & they fit great. If you are a serious runner, you should go up a half size. If you are buying these to just bum around town, they should run true to size.

These do indeed get good reviews. I am an asics runner and just bought a new pair of Nimbus 17s yesterday, but I am still on the fence on this one… Unfortunately I need a 9.5 (for running) and I can only get a 9 or 10.
For those considering buying one of these, know your feet before you buy shoes. These are NEUTRAL shoes (not for people who over-pronate or over-supinate a lot). If those are your known issues, do not buy; go with a “stability” or “motion control” shoe. If you don’t know your feet, go to a running store and have them put you on a treadmill.

You are correct, there was an error in the sale. The red/black does not come in wide. We’re emailing customers that already purchased this item to let them know.

Well, if you don’t need wide, you can get 9.5 in blue/orange on Amazon for the same price. (See daefaroth’s link above.)

Learned my lesson with woot and shoes. The return policy is not good. Buy them from Amazon.

No. It is sold out in that size too.

Sorry. The size was available when I posted.

I honestly really wanted a pair of these but I’ve seen them the same price a bunch of places. Man I wish it was like $10 cheaper. I honestly really wanted these -_-

It’s my hope that the remedy is to honor the sales in the right color & not just cancel the orders. It’s rare that wide widths go on sale like this, and I was extremely excited to purchase two pair. I informed Nicole from Member Services this morning that I love these shoes & at this price, I want them. I prefer the Blue/Citron/Orange version that the wide widths come in, so I’m hopeful that we can simply exchange the color & still get the shoes.

Do you mind letting us know where you have found these shoes for this price? I actively look for these shoes as I like to rotate through about 5-6 pair and I have never seen them for less than $100.