Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 5 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 5 Running Shoe

Shoot! I’ve barely worn the Triumph ISO 4 shoes I bought here and now the ISO 5’s are here. I see some wide sizes too. Bet those go quickly. I’m going to grab a pair of 9’s and a pair of 8.5W.

$89.99 at Saucony

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Man, I have 3 pairs of Triumph 5s but I may have to buy a 4th. $69 is a steal. These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in years. I have been mostly ON the Hoka bandwagon since about 2013 but get horrible blisters and they’ve never been wide enough for my feet. I ordered my Triumphs in wide and they are almost TOO wide. A very comfy, spacious shoe. And the energy return is fantastic from the Everun foam. Very snappy but still plenty of cushion.


Do you happen to know what the blue saucony symbol shoe is with orange sole and grey/white/black upper is considered on this drop down menu or is it one not even offered?

It’s repeated pics at the bottom and it is the white one I think

So, white, black, orange. Hope so if not I’m returning I don’t need anymore black, grey shoes. I’ve far wore Saucony never tried Hoka or what ever that brand is. Hopefully these are perfect for walking on concrete I’m sold.

Hopefully like all the rest of there shoes true to size fit… 10.5 for me folks

Hoka One One.

Hoka One One - Bondi 6 is the Cadillac of premium plush cushioned sneakers. Just $150.00. Love them.

Yeah I’m usually am a under $40 type of guy normally $80 plus reduced to blah but you all persuaded me to splurge my recently $100 c note birthday money on these. I know Saucony and my last over $125 shoe from NB felt like it had a stick in the arch area very uncomfortable. Prior what made me buy that over $100 shoe was my first over $140 NB shoe I think it was 1123 or something like that. It was damn comfortable walking on clouds.

Ppl from work wear Hoka so I priced them and that was as far as I got. Kinda high for tires that would likely last a year I couldn’t justify. If you working in them- change shoes twice a day and socks or have like over 50 to wear so never wear same shoe twice a week your foot shouldn’t bother you at all. Running that’s a different story. Very hard on your body do need over $100 anything less might send you to a epson salt bath just saying.

My Saucony’s arrived yesterday. Thanks, Woot! These are the Ash/Quake color, which are a dark gray.

Everything looks high quality about the construction. I like the extra thick cushioning on the collar and tongue. They include a decent, removable insert. The laces are flat so they will stay tied. The foxing looks solid.

We will wear these to work today for casual Friday and see how they feel.

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Sounds like you bought a “stability” correction shoe that DID have a post built into the arch. I wear only “neutral” shoes that don’t have this feature.

Yes, I believe it did have some sort of stability bar and it made me feel so uncomfortable even after just 2 hrs. I was glad to see them go. I got mine in and have wore them about 3 times now. Nothing fancy. I have other saucony shoes that I spent far less for and my foot feels the same in the $50 pairs compared to these. So, probably be the last time I spend over $60 on shoes.

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Out here in California, the place to buy Saucony on the cheap is Big 5 Sporting Goods. They often have low price deals and closeouts on Saucony. And every month they have a $10 discount coupon.